About PeopleStrong

When the industry was suffering from “Elephant and
the five blind men”
phenomenon, our dream team
created PeopleStrong.

Come and join the journey of writing the New Code of Work.

Who are you?

Hey, I am Jinie, your personal work-life assistant. Let me take you through the journey of dreamers who created me and are working towards bringing Joy, Energy & Meaning at work

What is this journey about?

PeopleStrong’s journey is about accomplishing the mission to redesign work-life for tomorrow. We create digital tools that enable companies and their employees to collaborate in the simplest, most connected, and delightful ways for optimal and impactful growth.

Who are these dreamers?

These are the people who make PeopleStrong what it is.

Ok, who are your patrons?

What happens in PeopleStrong doesn’t stay in PeopleStrong!
It spreads far and wide 🙂

Our excellence in the world of work shines and serves to enrich the experience of over 1 Million+ users and 300+ customers across the globe.

How does your own growth look like?

If the numbers were airplanes, we would be an airport!
14 Years of best-in-class HR Business Solutions
14+ Industries
4.2, the highest-rated App in the HCM space
India’s first HR Chatbot: Jinie
1 Million+ users
Successfully assessed on SSAE18
CIO choice award

What is the one thing that differentiates PeopleStrong’s products from the rest?

PeopleStrong defied the industry belief that powerful products should be complex. And delivered the Enterprise-Wide Next-Gen Technology Products, with simplicity, sophistication and user-centricity at its best. That’s our USP.

What are those PeopleStrong behaviours that have helped design new products?

As we decided to go about writing the New Code of Work we defined some impeccable values. And come what may we adhered to them! Check it out here

What are the different brands in PeopleStrong family?

With over a decade of experience in the world of work, PeopleStrong’s brand family comprises of renowned brands like Wheebox, Taggd. in addition to what you will find here.

Who is your inspiration?

Who has the courage to ammunize a wounded army?

We lost battles, but they encouraged us to win the war – the war within us to excel,
serve and win. Presenting our cheerleaders – our board members and advisors.

Awards and Recognitions?

We have a wardrobe just for the Awards Nights 🙂

Come, discover the new code of work with us.