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Rajesh Batra

Founding Member & Chief Financial Officer, PeopleStrong

Rajesh serves as the CFO and oversees the finance unit at PeopleStrong.

Work Mode

An astute Chartered Accountant, Rajesh leads the management and coordination of all fiscal reporting activities and maintains systems of internal controls to safeguard the financial assets of the company.

Rajesh has played a key role in developing, monitoring, and evaluating the overall corporate strategy with the executive management team, emphasising bottom-line performance, working capital, and enhancing shareholder value. PeopleStrong like fundraising, investment management, investor relations, business finance, contracting, commercials, and litigation. Rajesh has been a strong proponent of Corporate Governance Practices and works closely with the Board.

In his previous role with the Withya group, Rajesh helped with successful transitions of several start-ups in the Withya incubator.
He is a member of ICAI, New Delhi, and specialises in Financial Reporting, Budgetary Controls, Governance, and Taxation.

Life Mode

Rajesh believes in making small but consistent progress every single day. He is an ardent yoga follower and never misses a day to work out. When he can get away from work, he enjoys exploring new treks in the mountains, spending time with family, and playing badminton.