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Cloud based recruitment software for an epic hiring experience

PeopleStrong’s Alt Recruit is an end-to-end recruitment technology suite which automates the process of recruitment bringing the change in the organization for the way they spend time and money in hiring the right candidate. Alt Recruit brings together all the key stakeholders in hiring process – recruiters, hiring managers, candidates and vendors, all on one portal. The deign-thinking methodology used to introduce impactful features have been successful in catering the hiring requirements of every industry and domain.

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    Cloud based recruitment software for an epic hiring experience

    Entire recruitment cycle at your fingertips

    No more switching apps & excels

    Entire recruitment cycle at your fingertips

    Ever feel restricted as you juggle around multiple excels, a hundred emails and five different job boards to find one right match. With Alt Recruit, help your teams be more productive remove the hassle from the process of finding the right talent.

    Widest reach to the talent

    When the richest source of talent is just a click away, why shouldn’t your teams have access to it? Alt Recruit has a network of 50+ sourcing channels that provide an unmatched opportunity to recruiters to search out for the best talent. If there is a match for your role, we promise you can find it here.

    Don’t miss your own treasure

    Almost 45% of a company’s talent pool is often locked in the inactive mailboxes or gloomy folders of shared excel files which everyone dreads to access. With Alt Recruit, make it the most tapped talent pool for your organization and what’s more get the fitment within seconds.

    Click. Schedule. Post.

    Alt recruit allows you to post job openings directly on top job portals in the business, vendor networks and company’s internal job portal. You are just one click away with Alt Recruit.

    One-stop recruitment solution

    Pre-Installed Integrations with built-in assessment tools and features such as video interview options makes this product simply the Best Applicant Tracking System

    Dashboards & reports

    Alt Recruit enables the user to access real-time actionable insights and reports which enhances the decision-making capability and extracting intelligence out of the data automating the complete recruitment process.

    Empower your hiring managers to scale-up

    In a company growing at a fast pace, your recruitment team might always be stretched for filling positions and often you might wish that your hiring managers could be empowered enough to recruit their teams. Alt Recruit empowers your managers to be recruiters. Here’s a glimpse

    Skill recommendations

    Got a job profile in mind, use Alt Recruit’s skill recommendation engine to suggest you the skills that are required for a specific profile.

    Ready to use job descriptions

    Need help articulating the apt description for the role you are hiring for? Get access to ready to use job templates from the rich library that Alt Recruit offers.

    Auto-matching candidates

    Alt recruit learns while you recruit, hire the right candidates that match your profile requirements by enhancing your recruitment capability.

    Hire in volumes

    Is managing the ever-increasing number of career opportunities limiting your potential? Alt Recruit enables you to expand your horizon beyond limits.

    Automated offer rollout

    Selected the best candidates? Don’t let them wait to hear the good news. Implement automated offer rollout feature from your Alt Recruit dashboard to speed up the hiring spree.

    Onboarding simplified

    Empower new hires and internal transfers to ramp up and contribute to corporate goals quickly. Alt Recruit helps you offer a personalized onboarding experience that simplifies paperwork, secures compliance, connects employees to mentors and peers.

    Recruiting for enterprises, as easy as it gets

    Are you in a business that onboards 5 people every day or manages 1000 walk-ins every week or hires for over 600+ locations that too with multi-level approval processes? Alt Recruit enormously reduces the hassle and empowers an organization to streamline the entire recruitment cycle.

    Resume parsing

    Alt Recruit has parsing functionality that enables recruiters to focus on the right talent rather than wasting time on sorting an enormous number of resumes. Safe time on resume filter and make the hiring process faster.

    Bulk upload

    Tired of manually managing candidate profiles, Alt Recruit provides state-of-the-art functionalities like bulk upload option which insanely simplifies the recruitment process.

    Collaborative eco space

    Alt Recruit enables an organization to collaborate with every aspect of recruitment into a unified single platform by bringing together candidates and vendors all in a single place.Alt Recruit provides a single point of action for recruiters, hiring managers, candidates and vendors make the whole process extremely efficient and effective.

    Multi-level configurable workflows

    Getting approvals at different levels becomes a tiring and time-consuming task for any recruiter. Alt Recruit has its presence at all levels of a recruitment cycle. Right from the initial steps such as job creation to candidate fitment and till the offer roll-out.

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