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Drive people and business outcomes with the
most comprehensive HCM platform in APAC

AI-powered HCM suite built for modern, talent-focused enterprises


Why people leaders across 500+ enterprises trust us.

Adding the science of technology to the art of people strategy to build seamless and impactful employee experiences.

Ai And Ml To Derive Intelligent Insights: Human Capital Management

AI and ML to derive intelligent insights

Intuitive, Mobile-First Approach: Employee Management Software

Intuitive, mobile-first approach

Unified Experience For All Your Employees: HCM Software

Unified experience for all your employees

Seamless And Quick Implementation: HR HCM

Seamless and quick implementation

Enterprise-Grade Security, Built For Scale: Human Capital Management Software

Enterprise-grade security, built for scale

In-depth functionality...
Configurable, scalable platform

1 Recruit
2 Onboarding
3 Core HR
4 Payroll
5 Leave and Attendance
6 Performance
7 Career and Skills
8 Learning
1 Recruit

Hire smarter, to hire the best

Transform your hiring team with our AI-powered recruitment engine. Create a seamless, faster hiring experience that both your recruiters and candidates will love!

  • Advanced sourcing capabilities
  • Intelligent skill recommendation
  • Auto-match relevant candidate resumes
  • Integrate your job listings with social media platforms, internal portals, and 350+ job boards

2 Onboarding

Make their first experience a delight

Create an automated, personalised onboarding experience for each new hire

  • Hassle-free, paperless remote onboarding
  • Configurable checklists and onboarding surveys
  • Single-view dashboard with candidate summary
3 Core HR

Take control of your people strategy- right here

Break data silos, integrate systems, create a single view of your employees for a delightful EX

  • Flexible task and position management
  • A complete view of organisational structure
  • AI-enabled ‘Jinie’ for instant query resolution
4 Payroll

Roll the pay, with 100% confidence

Integrated, automated processes from punch to payroll with zero-manual touch and errors. Save costs, time and a lot of worrying

  • 100% secure and compliant
  • Generate payslips and insights automatically
  • AI-powered employee payroll self-service (ESS)
5 Leave and Attendance

Punch-in to modern workforce management

Remote, hybrid, dynamic, flexible, configurable system for the modern workforce

  • AI-powered attendance and regularisation reminders
  • Dynamic workflows for different leave types
  • Multiple customised reports at your disposal
6 Performance

Bring business performance closer to people performance

Building an efficient and high-performance culture to bring out the best in their workforce

  • Supports all frameworks – MBO/BSC/OKR
  • Flexible, intelligent, and performance-centric
  • People analytics for better succession planning
7 Career and Skills

Identify skill gaps and execute talent development programs

Crafting personalised career and skill advancement paths for employees

  • Auto-assign skill-matched courses
  • Monitor progress made on learning
  • Personalised approach for each employee
8 Learning

Building capabilities to drive agility and growth

Shaping learning experiences with customised, AI and ML-powered learning portal

  • Create, assign, measure, and grade on the go
  • Industry-standard courses across multiple verticals and domains
  • Dashboard to understand learner’s path
9 Succession Planning

Build a robust talent pipeline for all your mission-critical positions

Enabling continuous succession planning and internal mobility based on verified skills and experiences

  • Fill critical position gaps in a jiffy
  • Create centralised succession plans and talent pools
  • Competency frameworks
null superapp to manage people, processes, and EX. talent-focused enterprise.

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of HR Workflows

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fast and seamless implementation


accurate payroll processing


reduction in joining time


reduction in HCM expenditure

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