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The New Code of Talent Management

A Unified System to recruit, grow, evaluate and nurture your talent , with ease.

Why Industry
Loves Us

Unified View of Data

Exceptional candidate and hiring manager experience

Flexibility to manage multiple goal management frameworks

AI Powered actionable insights for people growth

SCORM Compliant

90% user adoption

The Simplest Way to Manage your Talent in the New Normal

Recruit smarter and faster

Agile Performance Management

Learn anytime anywhere

Succession and Career Planning

Actionable Insights

Recruit Smarter and faster

Integrated access to sourcing channels

Track the entire recruitment cycle with ease

Keep candidates engaged and

Agile Performance Management

Align people with strategic objectives and enhance accountability among teams

Configure any goal management workflow- MBO, OKRs, BSCs – all or any of it

Get 360 performance and development feedback

Ensure upward feedback for managerial capability

Create quarterly/bi-yearly strategic objectives

Learn anytime anywhere

Create training content with Industry-leading Scorm & Tin Can (xApi) systems

Robust Assessment engine supports a range of configurations with extensive analysis

Enhance employee engagement with blended learning possibilities from instructor-led
training to interactive courses

Track your learner’s activity, review performance and gain insights to examine learning and development impact with reports and dashboards

Succession and Career Planning

Get visibility on an individual’s career path, aspirational role & the role nominated by the organization.

Mapped with corresponding developmental goals, the system recommends next career roles for individuals.

Identify and developing new leaders from within your organization who can replace old leaders when they leave, retire

Build a talent pool, map competencies, and visualize the growth of individuals.

Actionable Insights

Powered by Jinie, PeopleStrong’s AI engine get important insights on recruitment, team performance etc anytime, anywhere

Nudge your employees to keep their goals status updated

Encourage the learning journeys of your people by recommending right courses

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