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Plan for succession =
Plan for success

Future-proof your growth by planning for all your mission-critical positions

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Transform your managers into leaders for tomorrow


Surface-hidden high potential

Get visibility of your organisation’s talent pipeline, invest in high performers, and create succession plans for any position

  • Identify high performers, add successors, and track succession plan progress
  • Get visibility to company-wide talent pools
  • Stage and build your list of potential successors

Create succession plans and fill critical positions

Losing a resource to competition can hurt. Prepare for people changes while developing talent from within

  • Be proactive and use AI-powered recommendations to reduce bias in selecting successors
  • Develop a succession plan and assign activities that help mentor the successors
  • Assign mentors/coaches to choose successors that are most likely to thrive with real-time updates on progress

Put insights into action

Make informed decisions with real-time access to comprehensive HCM data, including performance history, credentials, compensation data, and flight-risk analytics

  • Easily create multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios with potential successors for a position
  • Assess with conditional formatting to identify gaps and pending retirement
  • Create visually engaging and quick-to-update programs

Centralised planning

Keep abreast with the ever-growing employee needs with our configurable and compliant payroll solution

  • Get a holistic view of an employee’s performance and potential
  • Gain visibility into an employee’s career readiness and create customised journeys
  • Build personalised and action-ready path for success based on available factual data

See the future by planning for it

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DIY setup

Configure the system through simple questions and start creating succession plans within minutes

Integrates seamlessly 160


Integrates with performance for a holistic view

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Create a separate pool of high potentials to assign internal projects

assign mentors 162


Assign mentors to groom the successors

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Identify best fit for a role based on multiple parameters

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