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What does Scalable HR SaaS based software means - peoplestrong

What does Scalable HR SaaS based software means

October 18, 2016
What does Scalable HR SaaS based software means


To be scalable a SaaS based HR software should be deployable over a wide range of scales to include number of users and nodes, data storage quantity, processing rates. In simple words “Scalability means not just the ability to operate, but to operate efficiently and with adequate quality of service, over the given range of configurations.

PeopleStrong Alt platform has been architected from the ground up to organically scale to massive volumes. The core system architecture and application are designed to scale horizontally (ability to add more customers) at the application level, infrastructure level as well as the database level to increase the complexity in the operations.

PeopleStrong Alt is scalable to an arbitrarily large number of customers, because of its multi-tenant architecture which enables the number of servers and instances on the back end increased or decreased as necessary to match demand, without requiring additional re-architecting of the application. The changes or fixes can be rolled out to thousands of tenants as easily as a single tenant. With an application users using single line of code customers benefit with lower cost of service delivery.

Simplified multi-tenancy

ps-Simplified multi-tenancy

PeopleStrong Alt utilizes the following resources to ensure that the platform is scalable at all levels:

  • Load Balancer/Web Servers:
    • All web servers are horizontally scalable to handle high transaction per second and are configured in a redundant manner for H.A.
    • Software load balancers route traffic to multiple servers
  • Application Servers:
    • Separate application servers for UI, synchronous and asynchronous transactions
    • All application servers are horizontally scalable and configured in a redundant manner for High Availability
    • UI and API processing is stateless, multi-threaded and configured and tuned with large Java heaps
    • Asynchronous transactions are re-entrant, highly multi-threaded and also configured with large Java heaps. They also segregate higher priority from lower priority processing.
  • Infrastructure level:
    • Running Industry leading Virtualization Platform with H.A. on demand.
    • An on demand provisioning of virtual machines and other resources using self service interface.
  • Database Servers:
    • MySQL database
    • Sharding enables horizontal scalability at the database tier
    • Servers are setup in master/slave configuration for HA, with read-only slaves used to offload query workloads.

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