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How are chatbots used in HR? HR Chatbot Use Cases & Benefits

Getting chatbots to walk the HR talk

December 13, 2016
Getting chatbots to walk the HR talk

Companies are using bots to automate repetitive HR functions to ensure that their HR teams focus on more meaningful tasks.

It’s your first day at work and you have no clue about what your duties are and are waiting to be introduced to your team members…that is until HR personnel advise you to download the company’s app. You do so and suddenly its as if you’ve found the keys to your workplace.

Through the app, you are welcomed by your ‘buddy’ – a chatbot. you want to know more about your team and it gives you their names and apprises you of your job profile. When you reach the office the following day, your ‘personal assistant’ enquires about your work and then sends you a smiley. In 10 minutes your receive a ‘chat’ message from your CEO welcoming you, asking you to feel comfortable and wishing you all the best. You enjoy the attention and help you’ve been getting and feel comfortable settling chatbots to walk the HR talk

Welcome to the world of chatbots or computer programmes simulating conversations with humans. Today, more and more companies are using bots to automate mundane and repetitive HR functions to ensure that their HR teams focus on more meaningful tasks to boost efficiency, productivity and improve employee experience.

“Be it completing employee data, applying for leave or managing any kind of employee transactions, Jinie, the chatbot will be there for employees all the time and help them provide the next level of experience” says Pankaj Bansal, Co-founder and CEO, PeopleStrong.

Our recent blog on AI Chatbot HR highlights how this innovative technology is transforming the HR landscape. At PeopleStrong, we excel in implementing AI-driven chatbot solutions designed to meet your organization's specific needs. Partner with our experts to empower your HR team, streamline processes, and enhance employee experiences. Don't miss out on the opportunity to leverage AI Chatbot HR for your business

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