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Nikhil Khattar

Head – Customer Success (India), PeopleStrong
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With over two decades of leadership in Operations, Shared Services, and the SaaS ecosystem, Nikhil stands as a seasoned professional renowned for orchestrating multiple large-scale implementations, garnering widespread industry acclaim. His stewardship has consistently ensured the happiness of over 400 customers in India, fueled by a fervent dedication to innovation and the establishment of best practices. A trailblazer in his domain, Nikhil has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of Operations and SaaS, earning accolades for his transformative initiatives. His passion for excellence has not only driven operational efficiency but also fostered a culture of customer-centricity, setting benchmarks for the industry. With a proven track record of success and an unwavering commitment to delivering value, Nikhil epitomizes leadership in the digital age, shaping the future of Operations and Shared Services with his visionary leadership and pioneering spirit.

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A storyteller by nature, Nikhil has the spirit of a superhero coursing through his veins, evident in his exceptional storytelling skills. When he’s not immersed in crafting tales, you’ll find Nikhil indulging in his love for TV shows and movies, particularly those featuring his favourite superheroes. He cherishes his free time with his kid, striving to instil in her the same passion for stories and superheroes that fuels his own imagination.