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PeopleStrong – Availability Matrix

October 18, 2016
PeopleStrong – Availability Matrix

Whenever you are stuck to make a decision on SAAS based HR software, one attribute that you should definitely consider is Availability, whether users have access to data and applications 24/7 from around the globe. While measuring the availability of any HR SAAS based product, you should be able to find the answers of the following:

  • What is the infrastructure layer?

  • What are the security standards?

  • Is there any disaster recovery plan?

  • What is the maintenance plan?

  • What are the monitoring standards?

Since day one, making the infrastructure, including hardware such as servers, routers, storage devices, network, power supplies, cooling and fire protection systems, and other components that support operations to be more robust and error free has been a priority for PeopleStrong. We continually implement robust technical and organizational security controls to ensure your data is safe & readily available. To make the cloud infrastructure highly resilient we make sure that we implement highly secure and quality devices with reasonable maintenance program.

In order to understand the availability in a better way, lets understand on the availability matrix that PeopleStrong follows:

Continuity ensures that the service is available all the time without any interruptions. Furthermore if there is an incident, continuity allows to restart the service and regain access to data and functionality of the service within particular time frame.

  • The BS- 25999 certified datacenter is human error proof and provides 99.995% uptime through n+n system redundancy with full proof business continuity and maintaining backups locally and at other secured locations.

  • We are the only data center in India having dual active power sources from two different power generation plants.

  • Eight Zone Security System

  • Lean Six Sigma -ITIL Framework

  • High Density IDC capable of handling 24kW racks

  • Attached Office space for Business Continuity

  • Carrier Neutral Datacenter

  • ISO 20000-1 & 27001 Certified

  • Supported by active load balancer to handle high transaction per sec traffic at any point of time including URL load balancing.

  • To maintain the continuity is running on industry leading cluster application server to handle sessions & user concurrency in virtual direction as plug & play.

  • Configured with industry leading firewall with only limited ports opened in high availability Mode, we ensure that the security is maintained.

  • Our infrastructure runs on the industry leading virtualization platform with high availability on demand.

Monitoring assures proper availability levels by ensuring that continuity, quality, functionality and security components are measured and checked constantly with centralized manage engine that captures

  • Comprehensive Performance Management
  • Monitor over 100 key performance indicators of applications – including response time, resource availability, CPU/memory utilization and more.
  • Distributed Monitoring for High Scalability
  • Get a consolidated view of the resources present in different locations
  • Fault Management
  • Identify application faults and resolve those before the end user knows about it or in min time.
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Identify performance bottlenecks easily and reduce the time spent on analyzing problems.

With Nagios we monitor the entire IT infrastructure, spot problems before they occur and reduce downtime and business losses.

With Solawinds we get deep visibility into the performance of the databases and expert advice for performance optimization and tuning of production instances.

We ensure that the entire Cloud infrastructure that includes both hardware and all applications and database gets monitored 24*7 through Industry standard products with cockpit and detailed view dashboards and alert systems.

Disaster management Backup: Downtime is avoided by preventing power spikes, surges, and brownouts with redundant power links to local utilities, backup batteries, and uninterruptible power supplies and Shield against natural disasters and calamity provided.

  • Daily incremental data backups and weekly full archive logs backups for 3 months at remote datacenter location.

  • The database layer has Clustering & High Availability with “Always On” Failover Cluster Instances for zero downtime.

Security standards The Platform is hosted in a secure server environment that uses multiple firewalls, access controls, intrusion detection systems to avoid any external intrusions.

  • Hosted on private cloud of Asia’s Largest and India’s Only Tier 4 Certified Datacenter, PeopleStrong is geared up with all the necessary security controls. Our private cloud provider is ISO 27001 certified and following the ISMS practices

  • Successfully assessed on SSAE 16 ( SOC 1 Type II ) standards for platform

  • Supported by different access layer with Tripe AAA Implementation for Web, Network, Database, application & Infra.

  • platform undergoes VAPT (Vulnerability assessment & penetration testing) every six months.

  • infrastructure is enabled with IPS & HIDS (host intrusion detection systems) to manage the network security.

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