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Interview Feedback has a New Definition

September 26, 2016
Interview Feedback has a New Definition


New Generation Applicants Redefine Interview Feedback Rules

ps-Indias first hr mobile appTechnology is not just the buzzword of the decade; it has become the one thing we are all becoming completely dependent on. Our world has become so automated that we tend to get disappointed when something isn’t. Today, most organizations expect to improve business process efficiencies and decrease redundancies and human error by designing business processes with minimal physical human interface. HR processes have also followed suit and built a niche for themselves as they get greedily adopted by various organizations of almost all sizes.

One such place where HR technology is really making a strong impact is the process of providing Interview feedback. Considering today’s negatively skewed supply of high quality talent versus the enormous talent demand, companies are tripping over themselves to hire the right person ‘as soon as possible’ – and this usually means ‘as soon as the internal processes let them.’

Where is the problem?

The global talent market is more dynamic than ever before. People are hopping jobs much more frequently, which means there is more talent available to choose from. However, unlike a couple of decades back, potential candidates are no longer willing to put in weeks for a single interview process.

On the other side, losing out on any talent can be pretty costly for an organization. One of the main reasons why recruitment processes stretch out is because the interview feedback takes a long time to get collated and then reach the prospective employees. By this time, the potential candidate may have lost interest in the position or may have moved to other lucrative jobs.

Involving technology to plug this gap has transformed the way people experience the recruitment and interview process. Response time has reduced to a bare minimum. Interview feedback is almost instantaneous and therefore, there is no drop in candidate engagement. Such a software allows real time access to interviews from your mobile device, and also lets you send feedback in detail and rate various skills of the candidate instantaneously.

Even while we read this, HR Mobile App technology is turning this into reality. As already projected by Forbes magazine via their social media handle, HR apps will become an area of tremendous growth in the coming years and organizations will need to start preparing for the change.

How does this help?

It is often noted that sometimes, during a given timeframe, candidates sit for multiple interviews with different organizations. Here is how HR Apps could really make a marked difference:

  • Providing a positive feedback within a few minutes of the interview through voice recording and giving star ratings often results in a favorable confirmation by the candidate. Why? Because all through this time, the candidate is still fully engaged and invested in the interview process with the firm.

  • Faster feedback is also associated with having a better work culture by many candidates. Such companies are more likely to have a higher offer acceptance ratio as compared to other organizations that have a slower feedback system thus establishing a Smart Employer Brand.

  • In the case of a job switch that requires the candidate to begin exiting processes much earlier in his current company, a fast feedback system can be critical to having the candidate make a favorable decision. A faster feedback and confirmation will ensure that the prospective employee’s interest is heightened and sustained in the organization.

While the race to grab the best talent continues, organizations use various means to lure it. Some focus on offering a higher CTC while others provide better add-on benefits to the employees. However, not all focus on the recruitment process.

The recruitment team is the first proper exposure of the probable candidate to the organization. It is important that every organization strive to maintain the best first impression.

Using HR mobile apps or HR cloud technology not only betters the response time, but also simplifies documentation and the entire joining process. A transparent communication channel shows how accessible and open a company is and this often becomes a major draw with prospective employees. Thus, having a customized HR mobile app, based on HR cloud technology, should be on the top of the “need to have” list for any major business organization.

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