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With worklife app do so much in just few taps

July 31, 2019
By Ganesh Ram
With worklife app do so much in just few taps

HR workflow management is all about managing a multitude of micro tasks that weave together unique HR processes. PeopleStrong provides automated support to manage some of these arduous tasks at hand.

For instance, can shave off 25% of the time you spend in managing employee attendance. Reimbursements are almost 50% faster since all requests and approvals are done real time. Hence, any delay can easily be located and escalated. Earlier, a traditional web transaction of accessing your profile on the ERP would take anywhere between 4-5 mins. However, by using the mobile app, such transactions can be done within a couple of minutes.

PeopleStrong makes even recruitment easier. Employees can refer a candidate and upload a resume in less than 30 seconds. Interview feedback can be given on the go, which can shrink the recruitment cycle by almost 3 days.


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