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Power of HR SAAS | PeopleStrong

Power of HR SAAS

October 18, 2016
Power of HR SAAS


Since HR applications falling under SaaS umbrella have a presence in industries where just a few years ago either traditional software models were used, or no digital solution existed, you need to ensure that the HR solution you’re considering can deliver 24/7 service with high performance and availability.

While measuring the performance of any HR SAAS based product, you should be able to find the answers of the following:

  • Does it provide speed & longer usage?

  • Is this application high performance?

  • Will the application always be available?

  • Will the user experience be enhanced?

With PeopleStrong, you can definitely find answers to all the above mentioned questions. Hosted on private cloud of Asia’s Largest and India’s Only Tier 4 Certified Datacenter, PeopleStrong is guaranteed with 24/7 availability for users data. Our private cloud provider is ISO 27001 certified and following the ISMS practices.


  • The SSL offloading & acceleration relieves the Web server with the processing burden of encrypting and/or decrypting traffic sent via SSL and makes things 10 times faster than normal SSL website.

  • With the help of compression technology the number of bits needed to represent data are reduced, thus makes page load time faster and saves storage capacity.

  • With the help of Multi-threaded Architecture makes it easy to serve high traffic during peak time more effective.

In-memory database:

To provide increased performance in case of big data regularly, the in-memory database has the ability to put the working set of either complete or partial data into system memory. When a user queries a large data set it takes only a fraction of this time to search in-memory data because DRAM eliminates many of the issues that cause traditional databases to operate at a much slower pace. In-memory data help ensure that decision makers have the most relevant and timely information available when they’re speaking to a customer, supplier, or even management in their own company.

Centralized Data hub – Hadoop platform


With the capability to process hug amount of data platform can provide an organization with a centralized, unified data source that can quickly provide diverse business users with the information they need to do their jobs.

We understand that the ever growing business requires a system to be high performing. To achieve that for our customers, PeopleStrong undergoes performance tests, which include load, stress and volume. Our central support function ensures quick response and efficient issues management. Technically qualified support consultants man the 24/7 support desk and provide resolutions to customer queries.

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