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PeopleStrong – Flexible Configuration Approach

PeopleStrong- Flexible Configuration Approach

October 18, 2016
PeopleStrong- Flexible Configuration Approach


Configuration is the key approach for successfully implementing a SaaS based HR solution particularly those that are delivered in a multi-tenant model, as a single code base has to serve for multiple customers. The configuration approach doesn’t involve source code changes. It only aims to give each customer the ability to modify its system according to their needs in a pre-defined options and variations.


PeopleStrong is designed to be configurable, flexible in designing the look-and-feel of the system. A customer can change the behavior of a feature by pressing a few buttons, make modifications to the system that reflect the organization’s unique business needs. But the application can be customized to the degree based on a set of predefined configuration options given by us.

  • We support customers’ common need to change an application look-and-feel, a custom logo onto an administrator screen, a set of custom colors, themes or the order of icons on the screen so that it appears to be having the customer’s brand or if so desired can be co-branded with us.

  • Multiple workflows can be configured, basically defining how a process is followed by different customers in the system.

  • Different rules and policies related to Workforce management, Talent management etc. can be configured.

  • Configurable notifications and communication channels through auto mails and reminders.

  • Provide quicker and accurate adhoc reports.

Configurations are less costly to implement as the source code remains the same with less complexity. The application is hosted centrally, so new releases can be put in place without requiring customers to physically install new software. Since we have the access to user behavior within the application with the help of web analytics, configurations can be tested and corrected faster making it easier to identify areas of improvement.

PeopleStrong Configuration management approach guarantee a solution to best fit your organization’s culture ensuring that we meet and exceed the evolving needs of your organizations.

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