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How to choose the perfect Learning Management System for you

July 31, 2019
How to choose the perfect Learning Management System for you

There is enough noise in the technology market about various Learning Management Systems offered by multiple companies, but a majority of people are totally unaware of how the perfect LMS can create magic for your employees as well as your firm.

Once you have established the fact that you do need an LMS, the next step would be to go hunting for a company that can offer most, if not all features that you are looking for. One of our clients, one of the largest telecom operators in the world, was facing a huge challenge on training their massive field force so that they have an edge over their competitors vis-à-vis customer-first focus and sales readiness.


  • Their existing solution was not mobile enabled, which meant a large chunk of their remote users could not access learning material while out of office.
  • The cost of taking the existing solutions to each employee was prohibitively expensive and hence had no viability for a scale up.
  • The existing method of training personnel was ad-hoc. There was no measurability and no guarantee whether the training had been delivered or not.
  • There was no central mechanism to track trainings, engage with employee and provide need-based interventions.

At this stage our client followed a very structured process of choosing the right LMS provider:

How they chose the right LMS for themselves:

  • Assess your own Learning & Development Strategy: Going through what is working right and what needs improvement is the first step to knowing what kind of system will work for you.
  • Identify the end-goals: One of the most critical tasks in this entire process is to figure out what your core L&D objectives are, and what you hope to achieve once you have deployed the LMS.
  • Listing the lacunae in the existing LMS solution: Run a detailed scan of all experienced and potential issues in the solution that is already running, and arrive at a master list of features that will be critical for any new LMS to be adopted.
  • Do a detailed analysis of the technical modalities of how the new learning system will need to be integrated with existing software with the least amount of hiccups.
  • Take product reviews from other customers seriously: It is a good idea to probably speak to one or more customers of the solution to get a sense of how well the solution is delivering and how strong their support services are.
  • Decide on a solution that offers not the maximum number of features but the most features that tick off your specific list.

This is how we did it:

  • PeopleStrong implemented a per-user license model for the client that allowed them to pay only for users who actually consumed trainings and assessments.
  • The client could control the overall course creation, assignment, tracking and engagement via our cloud based LMS platform.
  • The Learning API was integrated with authentication to allow anyone on a desktop to take any training that has been allotted to them. We even integrated our system on the oldest of browsers, including IE6, (whose support has been discontinued by Microsoft).
  • Our system let the client conduct assessments over the web/ mobile for both online as well as offline trainings.

Implementing PeopleStrong has brought various benefits to customer:

  • The client is now able to train anyone, anytime, anywhere on any device or platform, assess their progress and devise need-based interventions.
  • The number of users trained crossed 12000+ on a monthly basis, and the maximum number of trainings delivered in a month reached 228,156.
  • The time taken to setup and roll out a training program now reduced to just 30 minutes, enabling an average of 57,000 Engagements Per Month.
  • The Client was able to deliver trainings in various interactive formats like videos, walkthroughs, role-plays and was able to assess users immediately in the form of quick reports.
  • Learning easily integrated with their existing hardware without having to change a single IT rule in the Client organization.

Learning Management Systems are a new but extremely effective tool for creating an exponential change in re-skilling and up-skilling employees and therefore enable an intensified workplace that’s far more efficient and productive. At PeopleStrong, our LMS cloud solutions integrate easily with existing platforms and software systems to provide a seamless, error- free experience.

Contact us to know how PeopleStrong can help your learning management needs.

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