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GPS: It Stands for Augmented Productivity Now

March 27, 2017
GPS: It Stands for Augmented Productivity Now
  • Are your employees devoting too many or too less hours at a job location?
  • Or, are they completing too less tasks in a day and spending a lot of time on the travel?
  • Is it becoming immensely difficult to manage these concerns through traditional HR practices?
  • And most importantly, is it disturbing your organization’s overall bottom line?

If you don’t have clear answers for the above-mentioned questions or have been too involved in transactions to think about them, then your efforts for managing the workforce are going in vain. From what we have seen, keeping track of leave and attendance records manually eats up as much as 50% of HR Team’s time. On top of it, this manual intervention often presents huge data accuracy risk, which in turn has impact on important processes like payroll and labor compliances.




One of the most vital measures an organization can take is to deploy tools which can accurately track employee activities, work time and time-offs. Traditionally, organizations practice manual or Biometric systems, which not only make it difficult for the HR teams to collate data at the end of the month but are also unviable for a distributed or “on-the-go” workforce. The obvious implications of this situation are:

  • Manual interventions still exist
  • Frequent slip-ups in payroll,
  • Greater compliance risks,
  • Lack of data to take informed decisions.

Considering the impact this has on business, corporations are progressively looking for a Human Resource Management software  that could take care of above issues. After all, more effectively you manage your employees’ time in office, the more revenue you finally make, right? This is the reason why mobile apps with features like geo-fencing and geo-tracking are their new favorites.

Mobile geo-fencing feature in your attendance management software lets you enter an address, the locations your employee functioning on that day and geo-fencing builds a definite radius around that region. It also records and sends alerts when an employee enters and exits their indicated geo fence. Moreover, management can fix radius and time limits, making it easy for employees (with job roles such as off-site field technicians, sales representatives, delivery executives, and others) to start each day with new points of location and save organization’s money by dropping over time, idle delay time, and even augmenting the best routes to take to and from a job location, thus saving time and fuel cost.

Both these features are literally the lifesavers for businesses, which can now use a single application to collect, process, and manage work hours, compliance and payroll for their distributed workforce.

Geo-fencing can precisely take your corporate from being fenced in financially to being GEO-ready on-the-go! What are you waiting for?

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