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India’s Largest Automobile Giant Trusted PeopleStrong to Redesig Recruitment Process

India’s largest automobile giant trusted PeopleStrong to redesign it’s recruitment process

July 31, 2019
India’s largest automobile giant trusted PeopleStrong to redesign it’s recruitment process

India’s largest automobile giant has trusted PeopleStrong to redesign it’s recruitment process and it shows in the numbers. With the help of PeopleStrong’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions, time to fill candidates has decreased from 106 days to almost half at 54 days.

Joining ratio has increased from 90% to 96% and candidates sitting for interviews has seen a substantial increase from 70% to 82%. RPO Services by PeopleStrong have also reduced bias in candidates by helping increase diversity hiring from 17% to 23%. To add to this, even referrals have shown a healthy increase from 18% to 23%, which shows that the redesign of their recruitment process has brought quantifiable benefits to the organisation.

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