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Jinie v/s COVID-19

March 19, 2020
By Ganesh Ram
Jinie v/s COVID-19

Not love, but panic is in the air. Social media nowadays packs the internet with COVID-19 hysteria, along with constant bombardment of breaking news, to cause chaos amongst the common mass. The best way to fight such negative trepidations, amongst the Global COVID-19 Crisis is to take precautions and be well informed. Now imagine a conversational AI at your fingertips, answering your COVID-19 Queries anytime of the day, without any human interaction and helping you fight your battles by reminding you to wash your hands, sanitize them whenever possible. All of this, while managing your everyday HR Task.Sounds like a COVID Advisor rolled into an HR Manger. This is what Jinie does. Your conversational AI Interface that will answer any of your queries, be it COVID-19 or Remote task management.


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