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8 Collaboration Features To Increase Your Company’s Engagement and Collaboration

April 6, 2020
8 Collaboration Features To Increase Your Company’s Engagement and Collaboration

As companies grow, communication and collaborations can be a real challenge.

You have people on different floors, different sites and for some of you, different time zones.

Even if you are working in a one-person department, you would still need to communicate with someone from other departments.

It could be to manage a project, to handle a transaction with HR or simply to pass a message to your colleagues.

Doing that with today’s myriad of options is equally tough.

Many companies gravitate to a mesh of Teams, Skype, Slack, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Although each has their pros, but they don’t speak with each other, adding a new layer of challenge that companies must face.

Moreover, some of these are platforms for individuals where security isn’t a top priority.

The amalgamation led us to creating Collaboration – our communication and collaboration platform with consumer-grade usability and military-grade security.

In this article, I will share with you the 9 features of Collaboration that will revolutionize your communications, leading to better collaboration and productivity.

Let’s dive in.

1. Military-grade security

Military-grade security
This invisible to users’ feature is probably the key reason why Collaboration adoption is high.

Most consumer apps are low on security and that makes it easy for users to forward, share files and contents across platforms and with people outside of the organization.

Collaboration ensures all content and files can only reside in the app and you can’t even take a screenshot of do a screen recording if you are on Android.

2. System based groups

 System based groups
Groups can be predefined at company level so any new joiners would automatically be in their respective groups.

Similarly, any departures will automatically remove the individual access to chats and groups

3. Threaded messages

Threaded messages
Any conversations can get messy especially when it mostly does not concern you.

But at the same time, you would not want to miss the important message.

Threaded messages allow for conversation within a message.

That minimize noise in the main group and allow the relevant users to continue to engage without going off track.

4. Tasks, Polls, Appreciations 

Tasks, Polls, Appreciations
Issuing out tasks, conducting instant polls or sending out a pat-on-the-back can easily be done through Collaboration with these native features. 

5. #hastags

Twitter style hashtags helps keep a trending set of conversations active, allowing people to focus on key objectives within a group

6. HR Chatbot Jinie

 HR Chatbot Jinie
Operating on Collaboration, Jinie primarily focuses on quick responses (like policy queries, app specific queries,) micro transactions (like checking for leave balance, checking for performance data), reminders (like meeting notifications) personalized paths (like recommended learning paths etc.)

And Jinie is not just a decision tree. It has the capability to observe and learns as well, improving response quality over time and making it intuitive

7. API Platform

API Platform
Jinie has an API platform, which makes it easy for other apps to exchange information. You can ask Jinie ‘atm nearby’ or ‘maternity leave policy’ and it could quickly and easily come back with the relevant information.

8. Operate in another environment

Operate in another environment
Need Jinie to operate on your pre-existing platforms? Jinie is not restricted to Collaboration. It could be embedded in an independent environment such as Microsoft Teams and operate just as well.


I hope today’s post showed you how the right features could help increase your company’s engagement and collaboration.

Now I want to turn it over to you:

Which of these 9 features from today’s posts would be of the most benefits to your company?

Is it the Tasks, Polls, Appreciations?

Or perhaps it is the HR Chatbot to address all your employee transactions?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


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