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Building a smart organization is simplified with PeopleStrong Alt’s AI-powered engine. It lets you transform human capital management through a unified platform and manage the entire employee lifecycle in a hassle-free manner. Experience the power of the New Code of Work with Peoplestrong Alt’s Worklife the complete HRMS (Human Resource Management System) Software for all Your Needs.

Multiple businesses, yet unified people data

Are you a large conglomerate with multiple business interests  with your people operating in various diverse work setups. Getting a retail store, a front-line sales team, a supply chain team, a plant setup all in a single setup sounds complex, but with Alt Worklife, it is hardly a challenge as it gives a unified single view of peoples data across geographies.

Managing a distributed workforce

In a lot of industry segments and large enterprises managing a distributed workforce, most of whom are constantly on the go (like sales, delivery executives) is a big challenge. Almost 40% of Alt Worklife users are part of this setup and we have the perfect hack for them.

Stay compliant at ease

Whatever be the industry, staying abreast with norms whether it is the labor laws, legal or security and privacy norms, without compromising on user experience is a challenge. Alt Worklife, has made an art of it, working on it in an agile manner to ensure that while you are compliant as an administrator, users don’t suffer.

Single touchpoint for every event

Be it onboarding, confirmation, transfer, promotion or separation, an employee’s experience is a sum product of how the experiences in each of the stages are managed. With Alt Worklife, various activities linked with these events are managed seamlessly

Gig-ready? So, are we?

Worried about this new animal called fluid workforce or gig workers? We have got you covered. With our super-flexible workforce management solution, you can manage them without a hassle.


Seamless transition from a candidate to an employee HRMS supports Seamless transition

Pre and Post joining formalities managed in just a few clicks

Responsive Onboarding Portal specifically configured for your Brand

Everything in place to have a productive Day One experience

Core HR

Unified access to employee-related information Right HRIS system to streamline and automate all HR processes

Instant access to bonafide letter generation

Set personalized approval workflow for personal details updates

Get a comprehensive home page with updates on tasks, important announcements, birthdays, anniversaries and new employees.

Leave management

Manage your time-off in a couple of clicks.

Seamless integration of leave data with payroll Good HRMS software offers seamless….

Proxy leave feature lets your manager apply for leave on behalf of team members

Approve your team’s leaves on the go

Timesheet and attendance management

Easy web or mobile punch in with Geotagging/Geofencing

Easy integration with your existing biometric and card swipe systems

Instant, on-demand reports to the manager

Effortless shift or roster management

Expense management

Manage all reimbursements and claims on the go!

Approval workflows configured for your organization

Reporting and analytics for better decision making

Payroll employee self service

Download Payslips on the fly

Manage investment declarations anytime, anywhere

Ease of managing your flexi-benefits

Everything your employees need for payroll management is seamlessly integrated on Alt Worklife, making the platform a one-stop solution.

Separation management

App-based no dues clearance and full and final settlement

A robust workflow engine to manage multi-level approval workflows

On-demand reports and dashboards

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