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Manufacturing sector is one of the most complex sectors to manage as far as workforce management is concerned. Diverse categories of people work together to run a business in these organisations in a city span that ranges from metros to tier 3 and at times tier 4 cities. And on top of it the number of complex and conflicting labour and statutory compliances make things more difficult. PeopleStrong’s bespoke solutions resolve many challenges including shift, attendance and leave management, seamless on-boarding to exit management ,easy to use mobile app for both blue and white-collared workers for payroll and reimbursements with Alt Worklife, hassle free payroll management with Alt Payroll, 24×7 employee touch with Jinie and an amazing way to connect and collaborate with your people through Zippi We are writing the New Code Of Work with complete HRMS solutions.



LGF Sysmac

SRF Limited

Avantha holdings Ltd.

CEC International


Everest Industries

Simon Electric


Utility Powertech


Sukam India Private Limited

Uttam Galva Steels Limited

RIO Tinto India Private Limited




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