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Comprehensive Rule Engine

Imagination + DIY + Alt Builder platform = New application.

Asset management

Are your HR, IT and Administration teams struggling to be on the same page when it comes to managing assets like phones, laptops, etc. This new app developed on Alt Builder helps allocate assets, track and take them back when people leave.

Internal classified

Alt Builder offers numerous possibilities, it allows an organization to build a small internal community that operates, interacts and transact amongst itself as a self-sufficient unit for a specific function. This App can help your people buy/ sell and even rent items from each other and help incorporate trust and reliability factor in these transactions.

Leave transactions

Want to extend what people can do with their time off? Try Alt Builder and extend your leave module to allow users to donate their personal leave quota to their peers. This provides a perfect opportunity for employees to monetize their unused leaves by transferring to those who need it.


Building a strong close-knit community is the aim of every growing organization. Be it hobby clubs, music or book libraries – communities help people to collaborate better. Use Alt Builder’s drag and drop functionality to design interfaces for building and managing communities that help bonding beyond work.

Build your apps. Leverage Built-in database, Securely.

Dynamic form builder

Design forms on the fly

Drag and drop from a rich library of form elements

Dynamically bound data in fields with PeopleStrong Alt (Global object)

Robust workflow and
rule engine

  • Create custom workflow on-demand
  • Create multi-level workflows using stage transition rules that involve multiple user interactions
  • Access a library of workflows and rules to choose from
  • Identify the process criteria and automatically update or create new records, emails, and tasks, or submit approval requests in a few simple steps, without any code
  • Visualize the entire process in one place to design and collaborate directly with line business owners

Security control

Define multi-level role-based access

Create an app configured for the users

Single sign-on with PeopleStrong Alt and other dynamic apps

Unified data connect

  • Easy integration with Enterprise People Data
  • Extend the experience of people with dynamic apps


Allows users access to multiple intuitive reports

Extensive reporting about everything within the given development environment.

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