Building the Workforce of the Future?

Know the perspectives from Talent Leaders

Lined Circle

Rabeen Singh

CHRO, Tata Advanced Systems

“The industry today is evolving much faster than it has in the past. This has led to a gap in the supply of traditional vs. digital/technological skill sets required to address its growing needs. In our efforts to address this challenge of building a digitally ready workforce, we need to focus on two aspects. First, a top-down approach for driving and defining the ‘digital culture.’ Second, the need to assess current and prospective talent on the softer aspects of agility and passion for learning.”

Joy Banerjee

Group Head – HR, IL&FS Group

“Talent development and employee engagement are now weaved into one single approach which helps in carving out development and career paths. The emphasis is now on a holistic approach to organizational goals and individual development. This helps in having employees engaged while setting a path for career progression. A future-ready workforce can be the key differentiator in today’s talent economy.”

Ritu Sinha

HR Head, Akasa Air

“To build a high-impact digital-ready workforce, we need to automate some critical HR processes and invest in the right digital talent management practices. These will enhance HR efficiency, performance, and customer experience. However, working with these new digital platforms and applications and managing new business processes is not easy, especially since all of these processes need to be learnt at short notice and deliver results. We also need to upskill our employees and managers to use these processes and become familiar with its application so that they can take advantage of these efficiently.”