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Ankur Agrawal

Associate Vice President -Solutioning

Global head for Solutions, Commercials & Partnerships

Work Mode

An alumnus of NIT Surat and IIM Lucknow, Ankur is someone who loves solving puzzles & complicated scenarios. This is exactly what he has been doing in his over 18 years of experience as solutions & sales expert, going deep into the problem areas of prospects & customers and providing them viable solutions to their concerns.

Ankur has worked his magic for some of the largest organizations like Infosys & TCS, across multiple regions and domains in the past and was instrumental in growing TCS’s FS product business in the Philippines. He has been focused on the HR-tech solutions since last 10 years and has been helping organizations leverage the best out of their HR processes automation journey.

Life Mode

Ankur loves playing chess and watching cricket & suspense movies. He loves traveling and partying as well but only till the time no physical strain is required. His philosophy in life is ‘live and enjoy’; no physical exertion please!