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How Inspiro Built A Cohesive Employee Journey For Their 17000+ Workforce

Inspiro is an outsourcing giant with a 17000+ workforce headquartered in Metro Manila (The Philippines) with branches in Nicaragua and United States. Having been in the BPO industry for over 20 years, their growth has been phenomenal, with their workforce growing exponentially every few years.

But, with its growth came its people challenges. Handling various HR processes through “super spreadsheets” was becoming increasingly untenable.

Download the case study to learn how Inspiro digitized their entire gamut of HR operations and provided a single window experience for its workforce through PeopleStrong HCM platform.


100% accurate payroll processing


2000+ queries out of which 93% were resolved instantly


13000+ candidates hired via recruit module


2000+ hires onboarded every month


200+ tasks created every month on Workgroups

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