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OKR Implementation Handbook

March 16, 2020
OKR Implementation Handbook

A better way to align teams and get execution done for faster growth

To accelerate growth and get results faster, CEO’s & companies need a simple, repeatable & scalable recipe (aka process) to drive execution on company objectives.

The recipe that puts the discipline of thinking, planning and executing WHAT needs to be achieved and HOW it can be achieved in your teams, every quarter.

OKR is one such recipe used successfully by many fast-growing companies.

PeopleStrong’s “OKR Implementation Handbook” gives you step by step recipe (aka process) to implement OKR in your company.

What’s inside

PeopleStrong’s OKR Implementation Handbook goes beyond the basic introduction of Objectives and Key Results.

We are sharing a valuable lesson from our number of implementations and failures we have seen during our journey till date.

You’ll learn

  • How to start the implementation to give brings focus, speed and agility
  • Principles of successful OKR implementation
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Case Studies


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