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The best companies to work for - peoplestrong

The best companies to work for

February 27, 2017
The best companies to work for

ps-over660_022217125756The annual BusinessToday-PeopleStrong survey discovers that employee focus is now shifting to softer, intangible elements.

At the Million Jobs Mission conclave organised by the global philanthropic network Social Venture Partners in New Delhi this January, former Planning Commission member Arun Maira emphasised an aspect that is all too often overlooked – the primacy of the human element in industry.

Well aware of the truth of this assertion, Business Today, in collaboration with its long-standing partner, HR solutions company PeopleStrong, has been conducting an annual survey of how human capital perceives Indian industry.

The “Best Companies to Work For” survey looks at companies from employees’ point of view. The survey of 2016 used a detailed questionnaire which was open to all salaried employees. It was shared online across social media, sent to employees listed on databases available with BT and PeopleStrong, as well as to Sheroes, the well-known job portal for women. In all, 15,300 people across 11 industries responded.

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