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Identifying the ROI of an HRMS upgrade

March 30, 2020
By Ganesh Ram
Identifying the ROI of an HRMS upgrade

Many current HR processes and practices originate from military operations. While they were effective in times of crises, they fail to deliver results in today’s world. The current article explores a case in manufacturing setup where an upgrade of their HRMS system lead to greater business impact. This case can also be an eye opener for early stage founders and why they should opt for a comprehensive HCM solution.

The Amara Raja Group is an India-based multinational company with presence across the world through their 14 business units. The Amara Raja Group is known for its automotive battery brand Amaron, the second largest selling automotive battery brand in India. The brand was also named on Asia’s ‘Best Under A Billion’ 2010 list of companies compiled by Forbes magazine.

In their journey to scale up, the organization faced challenges in managing their people resources effectively. HR processes were spreadsheet-driven, were managed in multiple systems, and the primary responsibility for HR team, while managing different processes was to ensure data accuracy. The team managed multiple systems without having a single version of truth for employee related information.

After employing several different solutions, Amara Raja decided to use an integrated & comprehensive HR solution to cater to their numerous needs.

PeopleStrong was implemented in a rigorous 10 months process of transformation. In less than a year, the solution aided in organizational agility, improved efficiencies at process level, and enhanced the overall user experience.

For Candidates, online access for all the information was made available along with online access to documents.

The entire process of implementation was made transparent. Mobile based access was provided for all administrative tasks like task approvals, interview feedback, organization chart and much more.

From an HR standpoint, complete access and control over employee data was provided. While working on the process improvement the objective was to drive end to end digitization of hiring and onboarding. Ability to close tasks in bulk was also enabled that reduced time spent in administrative work.

The entire organization was also provided with ‘connect’ and ‘Engagement’ layer via Collaboration which assisted in driving Secure Internal communication and engagement across the layers.

The results:

  • 35% reduced time for Onboarding
  • From 40 hours to 16 hours- time spent in managing Leave & Attendance
  • Faster Payroll processing with 91% improved productivity
  • Unified employee experience for blue-collared & white-collared employees.

Read more about the process.


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