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PeopleStrong's 7 Performance Enablement Principles

Future is about building habit of agile thinking, planning and execution across teams

January 30, 2020
Future is about building habit of agile thinking, planning and execution across teams

Our Story

When people in your company aren’t clear on the big picture & plan, it is impossible to execute well and fast. Moreover, the inability to successfully execute your plans not only cost money but also makes your company vulnerable against your competition.

Aligning team(s) around ambitious initiatives, objectives & projects to achieve a great outcome is always a challenge for any company; it’s even much harder in large, complex enterprises. We have experienced these management pains first hand when implementingPerformance at various companies, where teams are at multiple locations, organization structures are complex and there are a million distractions.

To accelerate growth & get results faster, leaders need a simple, repeatable & scalable recipe to drive execution on company objectives. The recipe that enables the company to get sync with what we are trying to achieve as a company. And enables them to link there execution plans and metrics to achieve with company objectives easily.

The tools for creating the execution plans, metrics to achieve and getting an integrated view of progress is still achieved using PowerPoint, Excel and meetings. Leaders spend many hours in getting buy-in on plan. Teams spends 10-20 hours a week to dial into half cooked plan and prepare a report on progress, which competes with achieving the actual plan.

Performance helps CEO’s, Business heads and managers make strategic plans clear and in-line of sight, get visibility and alignment, drive accountability, remove roadblocks faster and coach people to great outcomes. It’s a way of working: functional and cross-functional objectives are clear, results drive actions, teams are more nimble, facts flow continuously and everyone is connected to the big picture on Web and Mobile.

We did our homework to understand this better by first conducting research with 5000 people across the globe and implementing our product across different companies in last 3 years. We believe that following 7 principles enable any company bridge the gap between planning & actual execution.

Our 7 Performance Enablement Principles

Goal Integration

There is a huge gap between the way organizations link there execution plans with company objectives. Filling this gap requires setting up a simple, repeatable & scalable process.The execution plans should be designed for execution, not just for high-level conversations every quarter.

ps-Goal Integration
ps-Goal Int

Performance Accountability

Once the execution plans & metrices to achieve the company objectives are defined, it’s all about making managers & individuals accountable to deliver on those execution plans.


Transparency is the simplest way to start earning the trust. Start by making your company objectives transparent and simple so that everyone can understand what company is trying to achieve.


Speed Of Execution

Speed of execution is about enabling a company to achieve massive scale at incredible speed. Its about your ability to quickly reconfigure strategy, structure and people to grow much faster than your competition.

Managerial Effectiveness

It all start’s with the way your manager’s, functional heads and leadership connect & coach people. Improve the connect & coaching and see the magic getting unfold.

ps-Managerial Effectiveness

Genuine Appreciation

A Genuine appreciation and acknowledgment is the biggest motivator. The habit of giving genuine appreciation will enable you to build a high-fives culture.

Sugarless Feedback

Feedback should be straight, non-sugar coated to help the person improve in present and future. It should be easy to give without using jargonish and complex competencies which people can hardly correlate with.

ps-Sugarless Feedback

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