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Experts Speak: On redefining your talent acquisition technology

August 8, 2018
Experts Speak: On redefining your talent acquisition technology

For decades, the talent acquisition function struggled to maintain internal and external data to achieve optimum results. While most technology is available to make life easy, their development have been slower when compared to other technology products, says Joyeeta Chatterjee of Punj Lloyd

The introduction of machine learning technologies is transforming the HR function – right from recruitment, onboarding, learning and development and even employee turnover. In the context of talent acquisition, machine learning technologies are simplifying the hiring manager’s role. Hours spent shortlisting candidates can be cut down significantly, so the focus in on having qualitative conversations.

But what matters is the time and efficiency. In an expert panel led by Kiran Kumar, Founding Member and Chief Sales Officer, PeopleStrong, HR leaders reflected on how technology has helped re-define their strategy and alignment to business.

Here’s a roundup of their thoughts:

Kiran Kumar, Founding Member, and Chief Sales Officer


“Everybody has to move up the value chain. Weigh your options and choose as per your organizational and workforce requirements.”


Naveen Narayanan, Talent Acquisition Lead for India & APAC 


Talent acquisition would be more disruptive in the next ten years.

  • There’s a shift in technology from enterprise driven organization to cloud-based applications.
  • HR Technology has eased many concerns in businesses by collating data and providing a one-stop option for critical information.
  • With Chatbots and other AI tools, mundane activities have been replaced to save time and effort on scanning a resume or requesting documents.
  • HR and management can now dwell on more grave concerns and improve work-life balance and organizational development and structuring. 

Joyeeta Chatterjee, Executive Vice President – Human Resources at Punj Lloyd Group


Being agile is important in today’s day and is very important with regards to reaching active and passive job seekers.

  • Employer brand has become the critical factor for organizations and industries. Employees, as well as competitors, should focus on employer brand and organizations stand in the market.
  • Technology has helped HR to spend more time interacting with employees and recruits.
  • Reaching global targets and recruit has become easier along with cost and time effectiveness.

Madhu Raghunath, Head – HR and OC – TVS & sons  


The right person at the right time with less time investment is the requirement from the business.

  • Technology has to be an enabler rather than imposing our requirement without understanding if the organization requires the same features.”
  • Large-scale hiring is a key factor for leveraging technology.
  • Technology is the secret sauce of delivering the competency and efficiency without your competitors knowing your secret recipes.”

While the impact of mass hiring would be different as compared to discreet recruitment. One must know the technologies that are available in the marketplace. One needs to keep pace with new technology and its advances, but the quantum of investments needs to be aligned to business needs.

Watch the Webinar here


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