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What Is Behind The Talent Crisis At New Age Companies – And How To Fix It

We recently crossed a new milestone in India’s burgeoning new-age economy – a century of unicorns. 

But, behind the glitz and celebration of the new age economy, there is a silent talent storm brewing under the surface. 

Talent attrition rates at new age companies are at an all-time high and hover around 50 – 80% according to industry estimates. 

Read this guide to understand the talent crisis plaguing early-stage, growth-stage, and late-stage companies and how people leaders can fix them with a comprehensive HRMS solution. 

What does this guide contain?

1. Talent Challenges faced by

        ▪ Early-Stage Companies 

        ▪ Growth-Stage Companies 

        ▪ Late-Stage Companies

2. The need for a comprehensive HCM solution

3. Things to watch out for when choosing the right HRMS solution

4. Conclusion

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