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Reimagining Employee Experience & Productivity With Conversational Chatbots

Reimagining Employee Experience & Productivity With Conversational Chatbots

Over the last decade, chatbots have emerged as the new way of facilitating interactions between companies & employees. Employees can now reach out to virtual assistants for any queries ranging from leave requests to course recommendations but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Conversational AI Chatbots are revolutionizing post-pandemic worklife, by boosting productivity through employee collaboration, managing talent & creating a personalized experience, leading to an engaged and motivated workforce.

What’s inside the Webinar:
– To understand how organizations are leveraging AI to boost employee productivity
– To know more about Jinie – India’s 1st HRMS virtual assistant integrated with Microsoft Teams
– To understand how conversational chatbots deliver superlative employee experience
– To identify how Talent Strategy can be redefined with Jinie – AI Talent Coach which engages with employees for their career growth

Key Speakers:
1) Harsimran Walia – Vice President-Artificial Intelligence, PeopleStrong
2) Vishrut Shukla – Product Lead, Microsoft Teams
In Conversation with
Amol Pawar – Associate Vice President, PeopleStrong

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