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Satyajit Menon

Group Chief Human Resources Officer, PeopleStrong

Satyajit serves as the Group Human Resources Officer at PeopleStrong, where he is responsible for leading the People Strategy, Culture & Talent.

Work Mode

Satyajit brings over 20 years of experience across financial services, e-commerce, management consulting, and technology start-ups, having worked with General Electric, Fidelity Worldwide Investment, Lehman Brothers, and Snapdeal in the past.

A graduate in Economics from MG University, Kerala, Satya also has a commercial pilot license from Indore. Serving as an advisor on people strategy to some of the top new-age tech startups in India and the USA, Satya holds multiple global certifications related to young managers, leadership, and performance coaching.

Life Mode

Aside from work, Satyajit loves making a mean and sinful Brigadeiro for his son, using a secret recipe which he absolutely refuses to divulge. Satyajit is also usually seen wearing the Chelsea jersey and playing football with his friends, or chilling at home listening to some Pink Floyd and Dire Straits after the sun goes down.