Bring Focus, Alignment & Outcome based Execution with Alt Performance’s OKR based Performance Management System

OKR Software

When Silicon Valley start-ups discovered that OKRs (Objective and Key Results) were behind the meteoric rise of companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Zynga, company after company decided to adopt OKRs, hoping to catch even a fraction of that success. The acronym OKR stands for objective and key results. The objectives are qualitative, and the key results are quantitative. There is no question that OKRs work. But the success of OKR & OKR software implementation depends on keeping your business in context and kind of OKR Tools you use.

Bring focus from top-to-bottom

What should we do and what we should NOT do as a company.

Bring alignment on focus areas

How do we make sure that the entire company focuses on what matters.

Accelerate execution across teams

How do we make sure that the entire company focuses on what needs to be executed, and that too fast.

Why PeopleStrong’s Alt Performance OKR Software

PeopleStrong Alt Performance- OKR based Performance Management software empowers you to bring Focus, Alignment and outcome based execution in teams. By ensuring that through a single focus from top-to-bottom it helps enterprises to be sure of what should they do and what they should NOT do as a cohesive unit.

But to ensure that the entire company focuses on what needs to be executed, and that too for teams which are spread across in many locations we need a reliable, nudge driven system which is always keep the focus in-sight(with clear visual) & top of the mind(regular reminders)

Alt Performance’s OKR Software’s key differentiator is the design thinking at its core, with the vast experience of implementing OKRs at various organizations the insights have translated into intelligence, telling what will work and what will not. Alt Performance OKR  software offers you a ready to make formula for a successful implementation of OKRs in your organization. The interface is very simple to use, backed by powerful analytics and an enviable self-service module.

Key Features of Alt Performance OKR Software are:

  • Linking the objectives to organization priorities,
  • Creating or assigning objectives, and Key Results,
  • Check-in to update progress, feedback to help execute KRs better and analytics that gives view of achievement at organization level, function level, team level and individual level.

With added features like Tree map view – Across organization wide objective with their linkages right down to root can be visualised and help in both drill-down of a lag indicator & ensure the focus is on lead indicator(top-down).

While being cloud based & completely native Performance management system, with PeopleStrong Alt Performance, you can go live in no time and focus on your strategy for growth and let PeopleStrong to ensure Performance Management & OKRs be handled letting the focus of  execution back to you!