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Gen AI and The Future of HR

Supercharge your HR Operations with Generative AI!

Speaker VISHAL SAHA Chief Product Officer
Speaker ANKUR GOEL Deputy Chief Product Officer

On-Demand Webinar    |    30 Mins


Is your feed flooded with stats and promises of what Gen AI can do for you? Are you constantly in pressure of how to use this technology right? Fret not! Join us on this Masterclass webinar where our technology experts, Vishal Saha (CPO) & Ankur Goel (Deputy CPO), pivotal figures in the launch of PeopleStrong’s Gen AI model will take us through real-life use cases of Gen AI in HR. Don't just hear about the revolution, be a part of it! 🚀✨

What will you learn?

Evolution of Generative AI

Delve into the roots of Gen AI and discover what transformed this technology into an overnight sensation.

Traditional AI V/S Generative AI

If Traditional AI is a recipe, then, Generative AI is crafting a signature dish. Find out if this is your secret ingredient to HR success.

Building Generative AI Application for HR

The Perfect mix - General intelligence, HR domain knowledge, Enterprise context & Data Security.

Evolution of Generative AI

7 real life Gen AI use cases for HRs that will save you nearly half of your day spent on routine operations!


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Vishal Saha

Chief Product Officer (PeopleStrong)

Vishal is the brain behind PeopleStrong’s comprehensive HR technology suite, which currently serves over 400+ companies and 2 million employees. Under his leadership, PeopleStrong launched Asia’s first HR command center, India’s first HR mobile app and AI-powered HR Chatbot HR Chatbot.

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Vishal Saha

Chief Product Officer (PeopleStrong)

Ankur works as Deputy Chief Product Officer leading Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Skills, Learning Management System, Compensation, Mobile, Analytics, Chatbot product portfolio for the organization. He also leads all product-related AI/ML initiatives across the platform and was instrumental in the launch of Generative AI use cases in the platform. Ankur has 20+ years of work experience working in B2B Enterprise SaaS and startup organizations.

How Gen AI will help your HR Team?

Bring HR operations to scale, speed & agility, allowing you time for work that truly matters

Improves HR Efficiency by 40%

Our Gen AI powered solutions are going beyond automating tasks, they will help you think better & act smarter.

Personalization at Scale

Get proactive notifications on your pending tasks, follow ups, when an employee needs a break and a lot more.

Simple Conversations

Find everything you need, from the latest performance report to that HR policy from 2013 without ever having to leave your chatbox!


Cut through the data from all modules and directly play with insights that matter.

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