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Get your new hires ready to hit the ground running before Day One

Create individualised and meaningful experiences- from the start.

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Exceptional journey before and after joining


Transform the way you welcome your teammates

Set up new hires for success with a platform that looks and feels like yours

  • Share your company’s story and resources even before onboarding
  • Prealign, connect, and prepare them for work and workplace
  • Instill a culture of feedback with regular feedback surveys

Say goodbye to boring paperwork

Supercharge processes with configurable checklists and automated workflows

  • Custom workflows with triggers for timely and effortless onboarding
  • Auto-parse document collection and verification
  • Timely auto-populate for digitised statutory forms

From new hire to brand advocate in no time

Wow your new hires with a customised welcome experience

  • Bulk onboarding that feels personalised
  • AI to craft role-based journeys
  • Onboarding pass for a smart start to Day One

Dashboards that help you onboard better, every time

Single platform to manage new-hire onboarding experience and related data

  • Prospective dashboard to roll offers and track activities
  • Hub for policy, statutory, and compliance documents
  • Seamless sync of data to create a single source of truth

Help candidates, help themselves

Empower new hires to update and keep their profile up-to-date

  • Built-in ESS to access professional, personal, skill — anytime, anywhere
  • Automated nudges for profile completion
  • Make announcements about new joinees

Powerful, integrated, and digital onboarding

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Remote onboarding

Ready for an evolving world of work

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Personalised onboarding experience

AI-powered chatbot for quick assistance

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Trusted and compliant

Stay compliant with local, international regulations with data security & GDPR

core hr solutions

Integrates with ATS, core and other HR modules for seamless data flow across the lifecycle

null superapp to manage people, processes and EX. talent focused enterprise.

Our customer stories

We wanted to create a great experience for our employee onboarding, the decisive key was 'Jinie' chatbot, a worklife assistant.
Nitasha Mehta
Nitasha Mehta
VP HR, SAR Group