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Turn HR data into
actionable insights

Don’t get lost in rows and columns. Stay up-to-speed with our unified people analytics platform

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Hindsight, insight, and foresight on your side
with AI-powered analytics


Connecting the dots with powerful storyboards

Make sense of large data sets and present insights for actionable decision-making

  • Empower your decision-making with AI-driven insights
  • See what matters to you in a format you understand with data-driven storyboards
  • Trace trends and patterns in people data


Take control of your data

Cockpit view of all employee data in real-time

  • Saves you hours of spreadsheet hassle with one-click updates from easy dashboards
  • Create ad-hoc charts
  • Create and customise charts and dashboards with simple drag and drop functionality

Squash bias and blindspots with predictive analytics

Uncover insights that matter

  • Manage critical information by creating accurate models that account for planned growth and business goals
  • Our predictive engine recognises patterns, converts them into actionable insights, and provides the best recommendations
  • Create and test workforce decisions with ‘what-if’ simulators

Get the most out of your people data

ai-powered analytics


Interactive view for your people data

ai-powered analytics software


AI-powered actionable insights

ai powered data analytics

Visualise your
data better

Win stakeholder buy-in with easy-to-understand charts & reports

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Single view of data to drive planning aligned with business goals

ai-powered analytics

and compliant

Securely collects information from systems of record with GDPR compliance

null superapp to manage people, processes and EX. talent focused enterprise.

We believe in numbers

ai-powered analytics software

Standard dashboards

29 out-of-the-box dashboards on HR demographics, leave and attendance, attrition, recruitment, learning and performance, and much more

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Measure count

75 different ways through which a user can create personalised dashboards

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Dimension count

Make use of 178 different types of filters on top of your data charts for a personalised view of data