Top 5 use cases for a HR Chatbot

July 2, 2020
By Admin
Top 5 use cases for a HR Chatbot

According to Gartner, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse by 2020.

This is made possible by a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) improvements and better conversational interface.

And I would argue that many of us just have shorter patience in general.

In our tl;dr world, one second delay is an eternity too long to simply wait for a answer to a basic enquiry.

And it costs less too. That is according to a study by Juniper Research as it concludes that chatbots could help trim business costs by more than $8 billion per year by 2022.

Chatbots are already making a splash in many areas of our lives. has a chatbot on the page that educates you more about Covid-19.

How about chatbots for your employees?

As HR endeavours to become more strategic, it is crucial to make bandwidth for brain work. Trying to eke out time to do long term planning in between incessant phone calls or emails asking for payslips rectifications just would not work.

Cal Newport (the author of Deep Work) found that many modern knowledge workers approach their work like a multi-threaded computer program.

They take on way too many different projects, investigations, queries and small tasks, and attempt, each day, to keep advancing them all in parallel by turning their attention rapidly from one to another — replying to an email here, dashing off a quick message there, and so on — like a CPU dividing its cycles between different pieces of code.

The problem is that the human brain is not a computer processor. A silicon chip etched with microscopic circuits switches cleanly from instruction to instruction, agnostic to the greater context from which the current instruction arrived: op codes are executed; electrons flow; the circuit clears; the next op code is loaded.

The human brain is messier.

Which make chatbots such a compelling consideration.

A HR department that can spend more time enhancing employee productivity and reducing attrition will have a larger impact on the performance of the organisations than one that play Google all day to help employees understand how many days of leaves they have left.

Here are some of use cases of a HR chatbot:

  1. Employee data enquiries

Ensuring that your personal data is accurate after some time with the company may be tough. Many may not even have restricted access to the system.
employee data

Chatbot can play a part here to retrieve the necessary information based on your query.

Changes can then be raised for any needed corrections.

  1. Leave

Knowing your days of leave might mean an interruptive phone call or message to HR department. The response could take long depending on when you ask. If it is near payrun, you can wait forever with your queue number.


In this instance, chatbot that integrates with HRIS could easily pull out the required data and present it to the users. No amount of HR intervention would be required.

  1. Attendance

For some folks that may be on roster, remembering it is as challenging as trying to find your lost keys.


Why bother when you can get these real-time data from the chatbot. Simply ask away your upcoming roster and get it immediately from the chatbot.

  1. Policies

No one has time to flip through the 200 pages just to get to a paragraph.


AI-powered chatbot could easily provide you with the right information in split seconds even if the question may include typos.

  1. Team meeting scheduling

Because our time is too precious to be sending our own calendar invite.

Get your chatbot to do that for you. With a few clicks, it can arrange for the meeting and share a calendar invite to you and your invitee.

To learn more about how chatbot can help in your organisation, visit

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