Simplifying work life for the warriors of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

Reduce burnout by caring for your workforce with employee-centric HR Tech.
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35 %
cost saving as compared to legacy systems
30 %
release in HR’s bandwidth
50 %
Reduction in joining time

Create a delightful employee experience with

Data centralization

Data centralisation

Multiple shift

Multiple shift management

Dedicated database 1

Dedicated database for visiting consultants

Visibility of staff

Visibility of staff across multiple shifts 24/7


100% automation for payroll

Instant query

Instant query resolution through AI-powered chatbot

Trusted by over 2 million users worldwide

Everything your healthcare organisation
needs and more

Gain visibility and control over staffing while reducing the risk of burnout by keeping
your workforce engaged

Decentralised management for empowered locations

  • Complete automation of employee lifecycle
  • OCR-based claim submission to improve efficiency
  • Automated payroll to ensure 100% accuracy every single time

Identifying knowledge gaps and skilling field force made easy

  • Identify the right skills for different roles using skill cloud
  • Learning on-the-go with multi-platform access over web and mobile (Android and iOS) and integration with MooC platforms
  • AI-powered course recommendations

No last-minute scrambles before shifts

  • Real-time attendance and geo-fencing view to ensure resource availability
  • Intelligent reports to help you reduce overhead and labor costs
  • Track goals, increase connectivity, and share knowledge through a real-time collaboration platform

Our customer stories

Relentless focus on differentiated learning across workforce, constant relevant upgradation of digital resources, and quick response to the external environment is the key to building more engaged workforce.
umesh gupta
Umesh Gupta
Senior Director – HR and Chief People Officer, Max Healthcare

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