The big deal

March 20, 2019
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The big deal


Students graduating from the Arts, Commerce and Science streams are being offered hefty starting salaries in campus placements. The big selling point, say companies, are their soft skills and analytical capabilities.

Companies are offering better packages because they would rather hire young people who are easy to train then experienced people who need to unlearn practices and come with higher price. Another big draw is fact that these students tend to be with good soft skills.

The average engineering students, for instance is likely to have good communication skills – Says Mr. Devashish  Sharma, Founding Member of India’s largest HR Technology and Talent Acquisition solutions company PeopleStrong.

Read the below article, to know “How Highly paid campus placements offers are now being made in fields beyond the professional and technical courses.”


This article was published in Hindustan Times – Mumbai edition.



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