PeopleStrong becomes the most open and connected HR technology company globally

February 15, 2019
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PeopleStrong becomes the most open and connected HR technology company globally


Launches four new products to deliver the promise

Mumbai, 15 February: With a stellar product launch that introduced the world of open connected technology at work, PeopleStrong the largest HRTech company from Asia today became the most open and connected HR Technology. The company launched four products, each one of which aims at removing the complexities and rigidities which are currently synonymous with traditional enterprise technologies used at work. With this PeopleStrong became the first HR tech company globally to achieve this amazing feat.

The four products launched are Messenger – the new way of productive teams to connect, collaborate and celebrate; Analytics – A comprehensive Work and Workforce Analytics product which uses the power of data lake to provide a comprehensive view of business data from multiple sources and actionable insights; Builder – the first PaaS product for work tech, using which business users can create their apps on the go without having to depend on any developers and PeopleStrong Developer Community, that will provide developers and partners to extend PeopleStrong’s product capabilities as per their specific needs and can plug and play their apps.

Speaking at the occasion, PeopleStrong Co-founder and CEO Pankaj Bansal said, “We have always believed that any technology which adds complexities to the user’s life is not worth it. The new world of work needs products which are open to connect and integrate with other apps and can provide a unified view to the users, be it in the form of data or experience. We are super excited to be presenting these new additions to our product suites which will makes us the most open and connected HR Technology in APAC.”

The company followed through on their promise of connected world by launching Analytics in partnership with Microsoft’s product Power BI. The integrated capabilities of both the products were showcased in the presence of Sashi Sreedharan MD, Microsoft India who shared, “ It gives me great pleasure & a sense of pride to partner with PeopleStrong & their new product – Analytics. We truly believe that Analytics is going to revolutionize the way we look at these problems. Analytics, along with its strong integration with Microsoft Power BI, is going to enable CHROs with deeper insights & faster predictions, thereby strengthening the overall Talent Management strategy. “.

The HR tech industry in South East Asia will be worth $3.5 billion by 2021 and the space is further expected to grow in future. PeopleStrong has made headways in this geography with the recent launch of its Singapore Office and is aiming for a faster growth in nearby geographies the next 12-18 months. PeopleStrong has been known for its penchant for innovation and in the past 4 years has been able to consistently introduce cutting edge products in the HR space. The company has also acquired multiple companies in the space of HR Technology and machine learning in the recent past to speed up its journey.

PeopleStrong is one of the only companies in the space that is focused towards designing a technology “for the users” and boasts an unparalleled rating of 4.3 on Playstore (globally) with over 100 thousand downloads and a product stickiness score in the 95th percentile which is unheard of — not just in HR Tech space but business applications, too.

The products were launched in its Annual Launch event – Altify HR 2019 amidst an august gathering of 200+ HR and Tech leaders.

About PeopleStrong:

PeopleStrong is the largest HR Technology company from India, that is enriching experience at work for over 250+ customers and over 700,000 users. On its journey to writing the #NewCodeofWork, PeopleStrong delivers its technology and services in one offering, using its on-demand technology product PeopleStrong, which has distilled tens of thousands of hours of ‘natural research and development (R&D) — a decade long experience of servicing the HR functions of top Indian companies. Known for its penchant to innovate, PeopleStrong has many firsts to its name, the recent one being the application of Machine Learning in Recruitment (through Match Making) and Employee Experience (through India’s first HR Chatbot Jinie). PeopleStrong is the first company in the space to be successfully assessed on SSAE18 and recently won the prestigious CIO’s Choice Award for Talent Management on Cloud.

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