The Catholic Syrian Bank gives its HR Tech mandate to PeopleStrong Human Capital Management

January 11, 2019
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The Catholic Syrian Bank gives its HR Tech mandate to PeopleStrong Human Capital Management

Achieves unified HRMS visibility and improved HCM efficiency with mobile-first, AI
enabled Digital HR

Thrissur, India / Gurgaon, India – Jan 9, 2018 – The Catholic Syrian Bank, one of India’s
oldest private bank, today said it has partnered with PeopleStrong, India’s fastest
growing HR Tech company, to digitize its entire Human Capital Management.

With PeopleStrong Human Capital Management, CSB has embraced and digitized HR with the
implementation of a comprehensive HCM software suite, moving from an ageing ERP
system to mobile & cloud based agile system.

Kerala-based CSB, which is majority owned by Fairfax, is the only Indian bank to be
owned by a non-banking foreign entity. CSB– a century old Indian Private Bank has
been a pioneer in adopting new culture shifts in Indian Banking, and as early as in mid
1970s it recognized the need for automation and introduced Data Processing systems
using IBM Data processing machines.

PeopleStrong Human Capital Management suite will automate and optimize CSB HR team and people
management processes aided with conversation collaboration module that integrates
with CSB Group’s existing Core Banking system and adheres to varied nature of highly
complex & stringent compliance driven employee lifecycle management policies.

PeopleStrong Human Capital Management with 24×7“Anytime Anywhere” mobile access & AI enabled
“Jinie” chatbot capabilities for on-the-go replies, ensures maximum productivity with
minimum downtime.

Recognizing that the most critical factor which is dominating work-life conversations
these days and the kind of experience that mobile and AI-based systems can deliver to
a vastly distributed workforce; CSB is one of the early adopters amongst the IBA
consortium to new-age HCM system and is well aware of the intricacies required to
select a partner which can do justice for such big shifts.

CSB, Chief Human Resource officer, Mr. Jayashankar T said, “Going digital and moving
to PeopleStrong Human Capital Management’s future-ready, integrated HCM suite has improved the
visibility of our HR operations, with better compliance and reporting capabilities,
streamlining our business processes. The team at PeopleStrong has been supportive
for every step of our digital journey and we are grateful to have worked with them as
we chart a new phase of growth.”

Commenting on the association, Pankaj Bansal, CEO, PeopleStrong, said, “Alt
Worklife’s disruptive innovations have been witnessing significant momentum in the
BFSI sector across India and now with CSB we have started #SimplifyingWorklife for
compliance dominated & discreetly complex Indian BFSI sector too. We are pleased to
work with industry leaders in the region. Our partnership with CSB marks yet another successful track record in strategic digital transformations for making Indian
enterprises future-ready as we strive to position ourselves as one of the region’s
(APAC) foremost cloud enterprise software providers. Almost 30–40 per cent of the
users we have added in the past eight to nine months are from this sector. We’ve seen
early adoption by employees as high as 70 per cent and we expect these numbers to
grow significantly,”

About PeopleStrong Human Capital Management

PeopleStrong Human Capital Management is trusted by 175+ organizations to manage 500,000+
employees, across India. Designed to be accessible on Cloud and Mobile, Human Capital Management
Software Suite continues to add technological innovations with AI enabled chatbot
‘Jinie’, redefining the power of mobility, to significantly reduce transaction time for
both HR Teams and employees and release critical bandwidth to ensure time for
strategic work.

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