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What you missed at #Workfest 2020

February 12, 2020
By marketing peoplestrong
What you missed at #Workfest 2020

A #newcodeofwork event by PeopleStrong & Wheebox

What do an awesome venue, great audience, delicious food make?

An unbelievable event in the form of #Workfest2020.

And it doesn’t stop there.

There were product launches, major updates and interaction zones for guests to not just see but feel.

The mix of business chatter and non-stop activity drove the energy in the ballroom through the roof!

Hosted at the luxurious 5 Star Oberoi Hotel, our guests are led through the grand marble lobby next to a panoramic pond with two huts at the other end.

luxurious hotel

panoramic pond










From 5pm, the guests started to arrive in style and led through the #newcodeofwork passage to the event ballroom.

They got to mingle with other guests over high tea and interaction at the booths by PeopleStrong, Taggd, Wheebox, Next Gen, AWS, Digital India and many more.

It was a great premise to share the highlights of PeopleStrong over the past year as the acquisition of 1 customer per week added many new names to the list.


next gen list









And some of them are outside the usual Indian market, such as Singlife (Singapore), TRUE Corp (Thailand) and E-Bridge Pre-School (Singapore).

Very soon, over 200 guests descended into the ballroom and the event get kickstarted with the the first segment of the day – the #newcodeofwork awards.

new code of work

What is the #newcodeofwork awards?

In essence, it seeks to identify and highlight how thought leaders across corporations are tackling the new dynamic world as new trends and technologies accelerate the pace of change.

awards pasted

Organisations that epitomize the New Code of Work Awards will be acknowledged and recognised on the basis of thought leadership and excellence in execution over the following areas:


Hallmarked by massive increases in productivity, industry today is led by technology and increasingly skilled teams that deliver products and services faster, better, cheaper.

The New Code of Work expects focus on the ‘how’ of this productivity, substantial shifts in which are still expected.

How will productivity be driven such that improvements are quantum but without strain; that the inspiration is happy teams; that it includes knowing how to let go rather than slog away, that it involves true focus on R&D and upskilling; and that it seeks out individual brilliance to expand that into team and corporate paradigms.

Bringing Meaning to Work

Purpose and meaning.

Arguably the two big quests for mankind in the 21st century. At work, this translates into creating brand, experience and organizational structures that respond to this fundamental need of talent the world over.

The New Code of Work is driving meaning at work through processes, experiences and critically, a value system that places higher purpose and deeper meaning at the core of organisational philosophy.


Managing Today and Tomorrow

Eternal. Ever changing. Continued paradigms, yet new manifestations. Inspirational.

Collaborative. Visionary. Empathy.

Focused on the ‘other’ yet conscious of the impact of self.

The New Code of Work needs leaders at the helm and yet, leaders strewn across the business, individuals in their own right but melded into a collective whole that is infinitely the better for their presence.

What defines the ‘successful’ leader who will take us into tomorrow?

Future Readiness

When the pace of change is meteoric, future readiness must be a core organizational attribute.

As technologies, demographics and governments accelerate this trend what was the future yesterday becomes the present and even sooner the past.

Future readiness encompasses strategy, people and organizational structures.

The heart of tomorrow’s organisation, ‘readiness’ will occupy pole position where short-term wins will naturally dovetail into long-term success on the plinth of visionary agility.

Congratulations to all the winners, as well as the 250+ nominees.

You are all winners to lift the practice of HR in your unique ways.

Out of the 200+ nominations that the NCOW awards received, only 9 were lifted the prestigious NCOW trophies. Here are the winners –


As we congratulate the winners, there were 30+ organizations which were shortlisted & featured in the New Code of Work Compendium.

work compendium

Official Launch of Collaboration – Meaningful and secure collaboration for your entire workforce

The former Messenger has metamorphosed into so much more. It was time to relaunch it as Collaboration – which brings your entire work network together for intelligent and secure collaboration.

offical launch

Shared by the new President of PeopleStrong, the charismatic Sandeep Chaudhary jumped straight into action & showcased how Collaboration not only helps collaborate, but also gets tasks done with the help of Jinie (HR Chatbot).

Collaboration also boasts of an integrated view of enterprise level performances (OKRs) for leaders of tomorrow. Taking a health check of the organization is now available on finger tips!

collaboration boasts

This allows Collaboration the ability to provide your Performance metrics on-demand, anywhere, anytime.

Performance – helping companies achieve Faster Outcomes on Strategic Initiatives, Operating Plans and Goals

After acquiring Qilo, it has since been rebranded as Performance. It continues to serve the primary function of being the centralised cockpit for organisation to connect individual objectives to that of the organisation’s.

Companies that use Performance experience at least a 6% increase in revenue without additional investments.

It also reduces time to deploy initiatives, plans & goals by 90 days. The high-level dashboard provides an unhindered visibility of execution across all levels.

It is indeed a tool that brings order in a chaotic environment.

CXO Band Performance

Given this is in India, how could we end a celebratory night without some singing and dancing! We had some great performances by CXO’s!

Explore Pictures

Even the Peoplists couldn’t resist jumping onto the stage and displaying their musical talents!

It was an enthralling night, made special with the presence of our guests! As we wrap up Workfest 2020 this year, we promise you to come back with a bigger & grander event next year!

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