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Sneak Peek Into What Workfest 2020 Will Offer

January 23, 2020
By marketing peoplestrong
Sneak Peek Into What Workfest 2020 Will Offer

In the last few years, a categorical shift is visible in Asia’s winning companies to be more future centred.

This trend will only accelerate, driven partially by changes in the geopolitical and economic landscape but most of all, by shifts in demography and by larger issues around global and national purpose.

Futurists believe that disruption will be intense – we could be at the cusp of the world’s most productive era, but how skills, leaders and organisations are developed will demand the greatest priority, else extinction – or perhaps worse still, irrelevance is the possibility.

In addition to this, changing workforce type – Introduction of Gig Workers,  Technology – the newly added basic need in our lives and the internet-generation workforce for whom technology is the true ‘breath of life’ – are changing the way organisations are structured, the way they operate and the way we define those that win.

Workfest 2020

We at PeopleStrong have always taken pride in our ability to envision the future and provide glimpses of what is it to come through our next gen products.

We call this journey, The New Code of Work.

Workfest 2020 is another attempt in the same direction.

Workfest is not merely an event.

It’s a movement of sorts.

While on the one hand, it marks the culmination of New Code of work Awards and the launch of New Code of Work Best Practices Compendium, on the other, it is a platform for exciting product and book launches and closed-door CXO conversations.

In its first season, Workfest 2020, aims to celebrate the way of Future of Work in various ways with our guest of honour  AMITABH KANT, CEO at Niti Ayog (India)

New Code of Work Awards

Future-Centric organisations will be recognised with the New Code of Work Awards, as they are the trailblazers which are truly scripting the rules for the new world of work.

We have over 200+ enterprises across India who have shared their stories and initiatives which make them ready for the future.

And the NCOW – Compendium with the support of our Process Partners EY – will share the most inspiring of these stories.

With 9 awards, 4 categories and 250+ nominations, our esteemed jury will be going through every one of them with a fine comb to identify that one overarching winner.

The panel of esteemed jury include:

  • RADHA AHLUWALIA – Chairperson NCOW Awards, Former Managing Director, IMA India
  • RENUKA RAMNATH – Founder, MD and CEO, Multiples Alternate Asset Management
  • ANAND KRIPALU – MD and CEO, Diageo Global
  • SANTRUPT MISRA – Director, Global H.R. & CEO, Carbon Black Business at Aditya Birla Group
  • DEEP KALRA – Founder and Group CEO, MakeMyTrip
  • AMARJIT SINGH BATRA – MD, Spotify India


Product Updates-

The new code of work would require enterprises to adopt apps that are not only seamlessly connected but can help people achieve more in everything they do. Workfest will witness the launch of advancements in our collaboration & performance management tool Collaboration. The tool enables CXOs to drive business outcomes and create a high-performance culture by aligning people-performance to business strategy.

Insightful CXO dialogues with over 250+ Who’s Who CXOs across India and SEA

With over 250+ CXOs in attendance, you can imagine the kind of high-power, strategic discussions that will naturally happen.

Given the theme of the event, you can expect them to be centred around:


Hallmarked by massive increases in productivity, the industry today is led by technology and increasingly skilled teams that deliver products and services faster, better, cheaper.

The New Code of Work expects to focus on the ‘how’ of this productivity, substantial shifts in which are still expected.

How will productivity be driven such that improvements are quantum but without strain; that the inspiration is happy teams; that it includes knowing how to let go rather than slogging away, that it involves a true focus on R&D and upskilling; and that it seeks out individual brilliance to expand that into team and corporate paradigms.


Leadership. Eternal. Ever-changing. Continued paradigms, yet new manifestations. Inspirational. Collaborative. Visionary. Empathetic.

Focused on the ‘other’ yet conscious of the impact of self. The New Code of Work needs leaders at the helm and yet, leaders are strewn across the business, individuals in their own right but melded into a collective whole that is infinitely the better for their presence.

What defines the ‘successful’ leader who will take us into tomorrow?

Meaning to work

Purpose and meaning.

Arguably the two big quests for mankind in the 21st century.

At work, this translates into creating a brand, experience and organizational structures that respond to this fundamental need of talent the world over.

The New Code of Work is driving meaning at work through processes, experiences and critically, a value system that places higher purpose and deeper meaning at the core of organisational philosophy.

Future Readiness

When the pace of change is meteoric, future-readiness must be a core organizational attribute.

As technologies, demographics and governments accelerate this trend what was the future yesterday becomes the present and even sooner the past.

Future readiness encompasses strategy, people and organizational structures.

The heart of tomorrow’s organisation, ‘readiness’ will occupy pole position where short-term wins will naturally dovetail into long-term success on the plinth of visionary agility

Join this high powered event.

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Event Details:

Date: 6 February, 2020

Venue: The Oberoi, Gurgaon

Time: 5.05 pm Onwards.

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