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Siam Industrial Wire bets on PeopleStrong to bolster its employee experience

November 23, 2020
By marketing peoplestrong
Siam Industrial Wire bets on PeopleStrong to bolster its  employee experience

Leverages PeopleStrongs industryleading offering, Worklife, to improve its human resource management capabilities

PeopleStrong, a leading provider of human resource management technology, today announced that “The Siam Industrial Wire Co. Ltd. ( SIW) ” , one of the world’s leading reinforcement steel wire makers, has chosen Worklife , an industry-leading solution, to significantly improve a range of HR process challenges.

SIW and its subsidiary company – TSN Wires Co. Ltd., were faced with the task of ensuring and delivering a solid and consistent employee experience that unifies their core HR processes. Prior to leveraging PeopleStrong’s solutions, SIW was faced with challenges around digitizing its HR processes, specifically around real time employee and contractor attendance, employee claims and employee confirmations, transfers and promotions.

To swiftly and effectively address these challenges, including managing employee leaves and salaries, SIW has decided to deploy PeopleStrong’s Worklife, to help enhance productivity by eliminating silos across disparate legacy systems and manage its diverse team of permanent employees and contractors.

“PeopleStrong is committed towards driving growth in organisations through enhancing collaboration and connection across employee teams. By creating digital tools that redesign work-life balance, PeopleStrong helps enrich the employee experience through bolstering visibility and breaking organisational silos,” said Boonchoo Malhotra, Regional Director, PeopleStrong.

By leveraging PeopleStrong’s Human Resource Information System, SIW will be able to better manage its leaves, attendance, claims, confirmations, transfers and promotions for its permanent employees. SIW will also be leveraging Collaboration, which allows employees to securely collaborate on a unified platform leading to a higher productive workforce. Jinie Chatbot is a personal AI Assistant to the employees to give instant responses to their queries and allow them to carry out transactions from the same platform. Meanwhile, Payroll helps solve SIW’s payroll requirements, empowering the team with a secure, consistent and compliant payroll management system.

“Enhancing employee experience is a key priority for us at SIW and TSN Wires and we are happy to have PeopleStrong as our partner towards empowering our HR function and the larger employee workforce with better access to information, insights and seamless processes. We are confident that PeopleStrong’s solution will help streamline the HR management process and drive a significant increase in productivity and employee experience,” said Krishnendu Sanyal, Managing Director, Siam Industrial Wire and TSN Wires.

About The Siam Industrial Wire Co. Ltd. (SIW)

SIW is one of the world’s leading reinforcement steel wire makers, fully owned by NatSteel Holdings, Singapore and is a member of the Tata Steel Group, India. SIW’s vision is not just to meet the customer expectations and product standards, but to also exceed expectations and improve upon the global standards. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence in product quality and innovation. For over twenty-six years, we have continued to manufacture high-quality steel wires with an annual production capacity of 250,000 Metric tonnes that have been used in various masterpiece projects around the world and this also makes us ASEAN’s largest manufacturer. Our products and processes conform to global standards and are accredited by numerous international institutes.

In 2012, SIW had diversified it product mix by entering into 60/40 joint venture with Nichia Steel Works, Japan to establish TSN Wires. Co. Ltd. that manufactures and sell world class Galvanized steel wires for various B2C and B2B applications.

About PeopleStrong

PeopleStrong’s mission focuses on designing work-life for tomorrow. We create digital tools that enable companies and their employees to collaborate in the simplest, most connected, and delightful ways for optimal and impactful growth. We have enriched the experience of over 1 Million+ users and 350+ customers across the globe.


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