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Inspiro partners with PeopleStrong in creating positive employee experiences for its global workforce

August 5, 2020
By marketing peoplestrong
Inspiro partners with PeopleStrong in creating positive employee experiences for its global workforce

Inspiro is a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider with a global network of 32,000 employees across the United States, Nicaragua, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. They are known for integrating the best of people, technology, and operational excellence in creating awesome customer experiences. Inspiro has helped some of the world’s leading brands across various industries – so well that several client partners have been with them for decades.

The recent pandemic has introduced new challenges to the business. Having employees to work from home effectively and efficiently became business critical. Their on-premises legacy system (HRPro) has grown with them for the past 15+ years but that came to an abrupt stop as people can no longer come into the office. On top of that new business’ requirements and employees’ needs are growing faster than before. Ability to scale and deploy fast is impossible with a legacy system.

These combined factors accelerated their need to quickly identify a replacement that is future proof.

That came in the form of PeopleStrong as it has the ideal combination of simplicity, agility, engagement, and high ROI.

“In PeopleStrong, we found a partner that would allow us to combine our people and technology initiatives in a well-integrated HR platform, with a global reach, and responsive support. From a cradle-to-grave lifecycle, we wanted to create an unforgettable and consistently positive experience for both candidates (applicants) and employees by having an integrated platform that we can deploy across geographies, fast. At the pace we are growing, we wanted a partner who will grow with us and take our employee experience to the next level,” said Ms. Glendale Aldor, Vice President for HR Core Business Services in Inspiro.

Ankur Sehgal, the Regional Director at PeopleStrong added, “We are excited to onboard Inspiro on PeopleStrong’s integrated employee experience platform. In these pandemic times, PeopleStrong’s Mobile-first (remote work enabled) HCM solution will help Inspiro elevate their employee experience on a single unified multi-country platform. We look forward to partnering with Inspiro on their Digital HR transformation journey in creating a scalable, people focused, analytics driven culture focused on defining the New Code of Work.”

Hazel Camacho, Vice President for Talent Acquisition in Inspiro shared,” We chose PeopleStrong over the other partners primarily because of its track record, leadership team, product features and cost effectiveness. What impressed me the most is their high level of customer-orientation, flexibility, and high degree of adaptability in supporting the nuances of our hiring operations and service requirements. With Recruit supporting our talent acquisition infrastructure, we can realize the vision of transforming talent acquisition to a solid virtual interface, therefore creating new W.O.W (ways of working) in hiring.

PeopleStrong will be working intimately with Inspiro to put their employees at the centre of everything they do to retain their talents. Not simply just enabling them during this volatile and rapidly evolving landscape but also to better empower them to maximise their potential. Thus, putting Inspiro in the best position for company and employee success together.

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