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How Mobile and AI Are Redefining Learning

April 18, 2019
By marketing peoplestrong
How Mobile and AI Are Redefining Learning

From traditional classrooms to experiential and personalised learning approaches, the learning and development domain has undergone a sea transformation in the last few years. With increased awareness and focus on learning methodologies and measurement of impact of learning, organisations are now more inclined towards learning solutions that are designed to cater to specific learning needs. Within that, mobile and AI are two technologies that have totally disrupted the learning scenario—and all for good!

The future of learning looks heavily influenced by new-age technologies. Mrigank Tripathi, VP-HCM at PeopleStrong and founder CEO, Qustn Technologies— that was recently acquired by PeopleStrong—believes that learning is evolving rapidly and is now moving away from the ‘spray and pray’ approach to something that is more personalised and contextual to the situation and requirement of the individual.

“Over the next five years, I believe we will see two key trends emerging. AI will get heavily embedded in the learning methodologies and IoT (especially wearable lenses connected to the Internet) will make its way towards ‘training-on-demand’ and contextual learning,” he says.

Over the next five years, I believe we will see two key trends emerging. AI will get heavily embedded in the learning methodologies and IoT (especially wearable lenses connected to the Internet) will make its way towards ‘training-on-demand’ and contextual learning.

In line with Tripathi’s thoughts, here is how mobile and AI ensure learning that is simplified, need-based, on the go and more impactful than classroom or conventional learning-delivery mechanisms.

In-time need-based learning solutions:

AI-based solutions promise learning that brings to life the real anytime anywhere access to the learning concept. Tripathi says, “Artificial intelligence delivered over a conversational interface will be the next big thing!”

Check out Learning– A Mobile First Learning Platform powered by AI

Imagine your sales personnel pulling any data they require to close a deal faster, just before meeting the client, or visualise a system that can auto generate the learning paths for an individuals after looking at their track record, demographics and performance history. “Chat-based interactions with a layer of AI will be the next big thing,” Tripathi adds.

Cost-effective, on-the-go learning: The best medium to take learning along wherever you go, is the mobile. Also, learning becomes personalised as soon as it makes its way onto the mobile. That’s the biggest advantage. Beyond that – anytime, anywhere learning comes to the fore. This, in turn, means that lesser logistical and opportunity costs are involved in planning and dissemination. It ensures content availability when required, and of course higher engagement and better tracking.

Benefits of blended learning in mobile: A blended learning approach can be executed using the mobile as well. Tripathi explains this with an example — “Imagine you have to read up for an offline training programme to be conducted three days later. The reading can happen on the mobile; the attendance at the offline event can be enabled only for the people who have done the pre-reading; the attendance and pre-training assessment can be taken on the mobile; a mid-training assessment can be given to those present, to ensure better retention and more. Finally, the feedback of the offline session can be taken on the mobile itself. In short, it is digital, effortless and complete,” he opines.

Measurable and outcome based: At Learning, Tripathi believes that every individual has a different path to learn. “In our parlance, everything that an individual does while working is effectively ‘learning’. If we can break the learning path into smaller segments and improve specific metrics—including faster on-boarding, better performance in the field, lesser attrition, or other specific metrics—we believe we have achieved what we set out to do,” he explains. It is the personalised approach to learning through mobile and AI, which allows a look into such metrics.

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