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How a streamlined workforce changed ABCL’s internal workforce performance

October 17, 2019
By marketing peoplestrong
How a streamlined workforce changed ABCL’s internal workforce performance

About Aditya Birla Capital Limited (Erstwhile ABFSG)

Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL) is an umbrella brand for all the financial services business of the Aditya Birla Group. The Aditya Birla Group is USD 48.3 Billion corporations with over 120,000 employees of 42 different nationalities.

ABCL has a strong workforce of 20,000 employees across 1600+ points of presence across the length and breadth of India.

The Problem ABCL was trying to solve

ABCL offers solutions across Protecting (Wellness and Insurance), Investing (Mutual Funds, Wealth management and other asset classes), Financing (Home, Personal and other lending) and Advising. Delivering these services and solutions to customers across 1600+ points of presence means ABCL has a widely distributed and always on the go staff.

Ensuring this staff gets the right information at the right time is critical for an effective and efficient business operation. Key challenges for this mobile and distributed workforce were: Ease of onboarding, Query resolution and collaboration. The need for a unified employee experience via a single source of truth was a critical component at ABCL for a productive workforce.

The Process

The ABCL team kept its various stakeholders at the center of the solution being created. The different stakeholders considered for solution design were employees, business users and system administrators. This unified view helped ABCL focus on critical to success parameters across these stakeholders.

Mobile first was a natural outcome of this stakeholder discovery process. The need for an always on query resolution mechanism led to the design of a chatbot. While the need for collaboration across and within different teams meant a secured collaboration platform. Once these needs were articulated a steering committee of leaders took charge to ensure successful implementation of these solutions

Journey So Far

ABCL went live with the solutions across 11 different business units in 45 working days. The speed of the implementation is one thing but its impact on employee experience and HR productivity is another. This digital transformation effort has helped ABCL improve new employee satisfaction to 94% while improving HR productivity by 40%. These tangible business measures were coupled with intangible benefits like single source of truth enabling data driven decisions while simplifying and harmonizing the overall process.

Rakesh Singh – Chief Executive officer captures this succinctly when he says “We at Aditya Birla Capital aim to unlock the true potential of money in the lives of our customers. To deliver this promise we need to build an ecosystem where our people can achieve the most, every day at work. PeopleStrong’s technology at work is a step in this direction. With a unified experience on mobile we have changed the way people experience work at ABC and we are excited about the changes we will bring in as we move ahead in the journey

What’s Next

Having digitized the entire employee lifecycle via various modules of Peoplestrong, ABCL team is now ready to explore the power of analytics. The ABCL team is embarking on an exciting and rewarding journey of connecting multiple HR and business systems together to derive powerful insights and foresights. Having reduced the manual interventions and establishing a unified system the essential building blocks are in place.

ABCL team is looking forward to enhancing its strategic capabilities and deliver business value by combining the power of data with analytics. The benefits of such insights and foresights will further enhance the productivity benefits derived across the HR and business value chain.

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