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Govt Plans To Partner Private Job Portals To Strengthen NCS

May 18, 2016
By PeopleStrong Team
Govt Plans To Partner Private Job Portals To Strengthen NCS

New Delhi: The national career service (NCS), designed to be a government platform for job seekers, may soon become a de facto private-public partnership. The labour ministry is ready with a plan to co-opt private job portals such as and to support the NCS, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 20 July. The ministry believes that instead of competing with private portals, the NCS should collaborate with them to link potential employers and employees, two government officials said on condition of anonymity. “There is no point competing. We have to evolve a model which is sustainable,” said one of the two officials.

Job seekers will be brought to the NCS by the labour ministry, and it will be up to the private job portals to link them to potential employers. NCS had 20 million job seekers on its platform before 20 July and in the last 12 days, the count has gone up by 250,000.

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