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Future Group HR goes mobile

February 19, 2019
By marketing peoplestrong
Future Group HR goes mobile

New Delhi: Around 68,000 employees of the Future Group have started using an app that takes care of several HR-related functions such as leave, attendance, birthdays and training. Vivek Biyani, who head’s Future Group’s initiatives in digital business, said the app, called Human Capital Management, has led to approximately 25% rise in productivity since its launch this month.

The company’s overall digital transformation initiatives focus on customers, internal processes and internal stakeholders, and the app is a step towards making touchpoints for internal stakeholders digital, data-driven and intelligent, said Biyani.

Previously, employees used a web application that was accessed through kiosks or computers at stores, as many shop-floor employees did not have access to company emails. The app would save significant man-hours in maintenance and HR needed to manage this system, said Prakash Rao, founding member of Peoplestrong, the app’s developer. He said the app, used by around 700,000 people from organisations such as Aditya Birla NSE 1.12 % Capital, Chola Finance and Cipla NSE -0.27 %, could be used to push video content. Biyani said the app has a location tracker which records real-time movement of staff, to make marking attendance unnecessary, although employees said they still use biometric authentication for attendance.

This article was published on Economic Times

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